Professional Development Program:

Emergency and Disaster Management Certificate


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Entrance Requirements: Post-Secondary degree or diploma and OR relevant experience

Changing climates and political landscapes have increased the frequency of disaster and emergency situations and trained professionals in this field are in demand.

The Emergency and Disaster Management online certificate program will teach students how to prepare, respond and recover from emergency and disaster situations. Learn how to identify hazards and risk and develop prevention and mitigation strategies that may limit the impact or halt the occurrence of a disaster or emergency.

Develop an Incident Management System and Emergency Response Plan and learn about the impact that a disaster or emergency situation have on a community, the environment and the public health system.

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Who Should Take This Course?

This certificate is designed for professionals working in healthcare, law enforcement, human resources, emergency or fire protection services.

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Certificate Outline

  • Introduction to Emergency and Disaster Management
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Management
  • Prevention and Mitigation Strategies
  • Preparedness and Response
  • Incident Management Systems
  • Impact to the Community and Environment
  • Recovery and Continuity

Instructor Supported Format

This certificate program offers convenient online delivery to best accommodate busy schedules.

(Extended Course) – 3-6 Months
Instructor supported courses come with the support of a dedicated Instructor but do not follow a set class schedule. Students work at their own pace to complete the course within a three to six month time period. The Instructor has pre-recorded lectures that are available for students to review. The Instructor Supported option offers students continued support from a dedicated instructor with the flexibility to complete the certificate over a longer period of time. Students can enter into an Instructor Supported program usually on a weekly basis.