Canada Training Credit (CTC)

The Canada Training Credit is a refundable personal tax credit that helps offset the costs of professional development. It’s available to Canadian residents aged 26 to 55 whose income is within a specified range—roughly between $10,000 and $155,000.

Under this program, workers accumulate $250 in credits each year, up to a lifetime maximum of $5,000. The credits can be claimed against tuition and fees at a university or college that offers courses at the post-secondary level.

If eligible, you can claim an amount equal to your CTC limit for the year (as shown on your notice of assessment from the Canada Revenue Agency) OR 50 per cent of your tuition, whichever is less.

Canada Job Grant

The Canada Job Grant program is offered jointly by the federal and provincial/territorial governments. It’s designed to help organizations with the cost of training both new and existing employees.

Employers apply for training funds on behalf of their employees. The funding can be used to upgrade a worker’s skills so that they can become more valuable in their current role or advance to a more senior one.

Grant amounts and eligibility requirements vary by region. Click on the links below for further details.

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