Diversity and Inclusion Certificate

Understand the complex dynamics of diversity in the workplace. Hone your skills as an inclusive leader and learn how to unleash the collective genius of your team. Earn your diversity and inclusion certificate online at your own pace, with dedicated instructor support.

Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Overview

The transformation journey to become a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace starts with inclusive leaders.
Inclusive leadership means being aligned and fully accountable for implementing the cultural change. Every team at every level needs an inclusive leader to release its collective intelligence.

The Diversity and Inclusion certificate is designed to help you achieve this goal.
In this program you will learn:

  • A practical overview of diversity concepts and categories and their application in the workplace
  • How to analyze your own beliefs and biases to better understand how you perceive and react to difference
  • A deeper understanding of how systemic and institutional racism plays out in the workplace
  • The ways in which unconscious biases and microaggressions manifest in the workplace, and how to reduce those impacts
  • Actionable tools and cognitive methods to implement inclusion in your own workplace
  • How different countries around the world approach diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • How to identify additional inclusion and diversity best practices and continuing honing your skills going forward

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Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion Training at Kompass

The Diversity and Inclusion certificate is delivered online for maximum flexibility without sacrificing on quality, engagement, or instructor support.
Here’s how it works:

  • Complete your diversity and inclusion training online and fit coursework around your schedule
  • Learn from an accomplished diversity and inclusion leader with decades of experience
  • Connect and share ideas with like-minded professionals
  • Get personalized support and coaching throughout your training
  • Learn diversity and inclusion skills you can apply immediately in your own workplace

Careers in Diversity and Inclusion

Jobs in diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DI&B) have risen significantly over the last few years. This trend is driven by a growing awareness that many workplaces are fraught with inequality and intolerance—to the detriment of worker health, wellness, performance, and productivity.

Emerging careers in diversity and inclusion include roles such as:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Manager
  • Director of Diversity
  • Diversity Analyst
  • Diversity Coordinator
  • Diversity Trainor
  • Chief Diversity Officer

Course Schedule and Format

Instructor Supported courses come with the support of a dedicated Instructor but do not follow a set class schedule. Students work at their own pace to complete the course within a set time period. The Instructor may offer pre-recorded lectures that are available for students to review or monthly check-in sessions that students can participate in via phone or video.

The Instructor Supported format offers students continued support from a dedicated Instructor with the flexibility to complete the certificate over a longer period of time.

(2-4 weeks)

In this course students will familiarize with diversity concepts and their relevance in the workplace. They will learn about why diversity and inclusion is important and about the the historical development of diversity and inclusion. They will be introduced to key diversity-related concepts and issues. They will discover facts and figures for five diversity categories and the challenges that organizations are facing to promote the inclusion of these diversity elements.

By the end, they will have a clear understanding of diversity concepts and their application to different diversity categories.

(2-4 weeks)

Now that students have a solid understanding of diversity and inclusion concepts, this second leg of the learning journey is all about learning about ourselves within an increasingly diversified social context. They will be introduced to how cognitive processes such as social categorization impact what they see and how they react to our social environment. It will help them understand their own and others’ perceptions and reactions to difference.

By the end, they will have acquired conceptual tools in order to analyze their reactions in social interaction in the workplace.

(2-4 weeks)

In this course students will recognize the concept of White privilege that all White people have whether they want that privilege or not and to differentiate between White supremacy as a systemic concept vs.White supremacists. Define systemic and institutional racism.

Share the true foundations of histories. We will talk about race and racism. Explain why phrases like “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” are racist. They will recognize that anyone can be anti-racist. They will distinguish between being not racist and being anti-racist.

(2-4 weeks)

In this course, students will deepen their understanding of unconscious biases and microaggression. How it manifests in the workplace, how it influences behaviour, and how they impact us all. They’ll also learn how to recognize these concepts and learn methods of reducing them.

Learning actions they can take to help counter bias and microaggression in the work environment.

(2-4 weeks)

In the previous courses, students honed in on the diversity reflexes by first understanding categorization processes, then applying them to their own experiences. Now they will go from the individual to the organizational setting, and explore the diversity processes that they encounter in our organization.

They will be introduced to a method for mobilizing the disruptive force of diversity by building on the self-knowledge that they have acquired in previous workshops. They will see how diversity can be leveraged to make them think about how they think, and how it can help them to expand their perceptions and understanding.

By the end, they will grasp the challenges of implementing inclusion in the workplace and be able to apply the cognitive method to a diversity case.

(2-4 weeks)

In this course, students will travel to different countries around the world to find out what diversity and inclusion initiatives are being implemented, and to think about their impact. They will also have the opportunity to describe a diversity and inclusion best practice, and develop their skills to look for diversity information in the workplace, to identify diversity
and inclusion best practices, and to become more aware of the different inclusion initiatives that are in our professional environment.


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Weekly (Mondays), beginning February 28, 2022
3-6 months
Online (Instructor Supported)
Post-secondary education (degree or diploma) OR experience in a related field

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Who Should Take the Course?

This Diversity and Inclusion certificate is designed for leaders, managers, and anyone who is interested in developing specialized skills around diversity and inclusion. Our students include:

  • Office administrators
  • Business managers
  • Team leaders
  • Operations professionals
  • HR managers and leaders
  • Aspiring human resources professionals


  • Post-secondary university degree or college diploma; OR
  • Relevant professional experience


The chart below outlines the cost of the classes if you choose to take them individually. Once you register for 3 more classes within a certificate you will be charged the non-refundable $200 registration fee. Individual classes must be paid in full at time of registration.

To register  for a certificate we charge a $200 non-refundable registration fee. We offer payment plans for the tuition in 3 equal payments of $665 that are charged week 1, week 5 and week 9 of your course.

We also offer an extended payment plan over 6 months for monthly payments. Please note your course must be paid in full prior to completion.

**Group and employer discounts and custom corporate training options are available for 3 or more students**


*Students are responsible for purchasing these additional printed OR digital textbooks

Individual Cost
Introduction to Diversity (2-4 weeks)
Categorization and Diversity Perceptions (2-4 weeks)
Racism and Anti-Black Racism (2-4 weeks)
Unconscious Bias and Microaggressions (2-4 weeks)
Disrupting with Diversity (2-4 weeks)
Diversity and Inclusion Around the World (2-4 weeks)