Academic FAQ’s and Resources

Admission Requirements.

Certificate courses require post-secondary education (university degree or college diploma) OR related experience. Individual classes do not have pre-requisite requirements. A photo/scan of a degree/diploma or business card/resume will be requested upon registration for confirmation.

Time Management

Everyone learns at different paces but we expect that it will take students an average of 7-20 hours per week to read through course material, complete assignments and participate in discussions and live sessions, depending on the length and format of your course (Instructor Led vs. Instructor Supported).

For Instructor Led students assignments and material are released as the course progresses so students do not have the option to work ahead and complete the course early. Instructor Supported students can complete the course material at their convenience and have up to a certain amount of time to complete everything.


If you need to withdraw you will have to contact your Instructor, Academics or Admissions  in writing. Refunds are based off of the amount of the course you complete prior to your withdrawal. Click to view our withdrawal and refund policy.

Course Availability

Course material will be made available for 6 months following your completion.

Certificates and Transcripts

Approximately one month after you complete your course (once your final grades are received), you will receive a digital certificate of completion. Physical certificates are available upon request. Transcripts are available for review within your portal and can be sent to you directly upon request.

Course Format and Support

Instructor Support

Each course has a dedicated online Instructor with relevant education or experience. Contact information for your Instructor is available online and many offer live sessions with students for additional assistance.

If you are in an Instructor Led format you will have classmates that you can interact and collaborate with regularly through Moodle, live sessions, email and discussion forums.

Live Sessions

Your Instructor may offer live sessions  through phone or video (Microsoft TEAMS) where you have the opportunity to chat with them and classmates, role-play, ask questions and discuss assignments or relevant industry topics.


We do not offer any employment or internship assistance as our certificates are meant primarily for professional development. If we receive opportunities through employer contacts we will pass these along to our students.

Technical and Course Support

Technical Support is available 24/7 for Moodle through Pearson technical support by calling 1.844.734.4297

Our admissions and academic staff are available during business hours and your instructor will respond regularly to any questions.

Course issues should be taken up with your Instructor then academics. For all non-technical support click to open a ticket with the Support Desk

Technical Requirements

Mandatory requirements are internet access and Microsoft Office programs. Access to a web cam will be helpful in participating in video calls.

Finance FAQ’s and Resources

Payment Options

We accept credit card or direct banking deposit payments. Companies who are paying for their employees can be invoiced. Questions about personalized payment plans can be directed to 

Kompass certificates are not eligible for government student loan funding.

We offer flexible payment plans throughout the duration of your certificate. The entire amount is due in full prior to the end of your certificate.

You will pay a $200 non-refundable registration fee at the time you register for a certificate, and depending on the format and length of your course will have between 3-6 months to complete your tuition payments. Individual classes are paid in full at time of registration

Tuition Tax Receipts

Kompass will issue tuition tax receipts every February for the previous year. They can be found in your online student portal. If you have questions about your tax receipt please email 


Certain programs may offer limited-time scholarships. These amounts are manually discounted from your tuition payments and will not be reflected in the price shown at check-out.

Alumni Discounts

Kompass Alumni: Students that successfully complete a Kompass certificate program are eligible for 20% off of the tuition of future certificates and classes. The discount is manually applied to your tuition payments and will not show in the online checkout process.

Herzing Students: All eligible Herzing alumni using their HOEP benefit, must have all appropriate approvals and paperwork from their campus prior to registration. Any Herzing or Herzing Trades alumni not eligible for the HOEP benefit receive a 20% discount on certificates and classes taken from Kompass.

Ready to start?

Courses start frequently, with opportunities to join on a weekly or monthly basis. We offer payment plans over the duration of your course.

Group and employer discounts and custom corporate training is available for 3 or more students