Health and Safety Management Certificate

Enhance your skills in risk management, accident prevention, persuasive communication, and continuous improvement. Learn how to drive business results while promoting a culture of safety and wellness in your organization.

Earn Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points for the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP)

Health and Safety Management Certificate Overview

The Health and Safety Management certificate is designed to take your technical knowledge and leadership skills to the next level. This course combines case studies, research, application to real-life situations, and self-reflection to help you learn:

  • Systematic approaches to accident prevention, loss control, and health and safety management systems
  • The effects of poor risk management on workplace fatalities, injuries, and disease, and how to influence decision-makers to make informed choices regarding risk
  • How to identify your own ethical blind spots and biases to improve your decision-making and professional practice
  • How to enhance your communication skills to improve relationships with employees and managers, and build credibility as a health and safety manager
  • How to continuously improve your approach to workplace safety and wellbeing

Benefits of Health and Safety Management Training at Kompass

This course is delivered online for maximum flexibility without sacrificing on quality, engagement, or instructor support.

Here’s how it works:

  • Study online and fit coursework around your schedule
  • Learn from an accomplished health and safety leader with 18 years of experience
  • Exchange ideas with fellow health and safety professionals
  • Get personalized support and coaching
  • Learn OHS skills you can apply immediately in your own work
  • Get real results you can keep building on after completing the course

Careers in Health and Safety Management

Health and safety leaders work in many industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, mining, government, hospitality, and transportation.

Mid-to-senior job titles in this field include:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Manager
  • Health and Safety Advisor
  • Health and Safety Consultant
  • Health and Safety Superintendent
  • Health and Safety Director
Safety officers in hard hats conferring with each other in factory

Here’s what’s typically required to land a management role in OHS.


Course Schedule and Format

Instructor Supported courses come with the support of a dedicated Instructor but do not follow a set class schedule. Students work at their own pace to complete the course within a set time period. The Instructor may offer pre-recorded lectures that are available for students to review or monthly check-in sessions that students can participate in via phone or video.

The Instructor Supported format offers students continued support from a dedicated Instructor with the flexibility to complete the certificate over a longer period of time.

Prevention should be a top priority for all organizations. A good culture of safety promotes fewer injuries, which in turn increases employee morale and improves a corporation’s reputation. Putting health and safety first allows companies to reduce capital and operating costs as well as liability costs. In this module, you will learn the importance of approaching accident prevention systematically.

Risk management is part of organization decision making. In this module you will learn the effects of poor risk management and how it factors in workplace fatalities, injuries, disease and ill-health (mental and physical) and how you can influence decision makers to make informed choices with respect to risk.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) professionals and those involved in corporate OHS culture have an inbuilt desire to be an ethical professional. Individual factors such as biases, blind spots and moral disengagement can have a profound impact in the decision-making process. This module presents ethical theory as a basis for identifying issues, carrying out health and safety processes and activities and making decisions.

A leader is someone who influences the safety culture of an organization. In this module you will learn communication and consultation skills, discuss leadership and leadership techniques, learn how to engage management and employees and build successful relationships. You will gain an understanding of the broader demands of an organization and develop skills to operate as a strategic partner who can guide change management, build credibility and influence without using power.

One way to achieve a psychologically safe workplace is to create and implement a comprehensive workplace health and safety program. This module will identify strategies and related activities, initiatives and policies developed by the employer in consultation with employees to continually improve on the quality of working life health and well being of the workforce.


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Weekly (Mondays)
10-20 weeks (200 hours)
Online (Instructor Supported)
Post-secondary education (degree or diploma) OR experience in a related field

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Continuing Professional Development

This course contains 200 technical hours and may be eligible for BCRSP CPD points. See the BCRSP website at for CPD point criteria. Equal to 20 Continuing Education Units (CEU).

Who Should Take the Certificate?

The Health and Safety Management certificate is designed for professionals working in health and safety and related fields:

  • Individuals with a strong background in health and safety
  • Mid-level and senior management
  • HR professionals
  • Those interested in earning CPD hours through BCRST.


  • Post-secondary university degree or college diploma; OR
  • Relevant professional experience


The chart below outlines the cost of the classes if you choose to take them individually. Once you register for 3 or more classes within a certificate you will be charged the non-refundable $200 registration fee. Individual classes must be paid in full at time of registration.

A $200 non-refundable registration fee is charged at the time you register for an entire certificate. We offer a payment plan for tuition of three equal payments of $598.33 at week 1, week 5, and week 9.

We also offer an extended payment plan over 20 weeks. Please note your course must be paid in full prior to completion.

Kompass Alumni Benefit: If you successfully complete a certificate with Kompass you are eligible for 20% off the tuition of future certificates and classes!

**Group and employer discounts and custom corporate training options are available for 3 or more students**


All reading materials are provided.

Individual Cost
Accident Prevention, Loss Control, Occupational Health And Safety Management Systems (2-4 weeks)
Occupational Health And Safety Risk And Decision Making (2-4 weeks)
Health And Safety Ethics And Professional Practice (2-4 weeks )
Leadership And The Occupational Health And Safety Professional (2-4 weeks)
Workplace Health And Wellbeing (2-4 weeks)