Professional Development Program:

Family Mediation Certificate

This online family mediation training program is accredited by the Ontario Association for Family Mediators and meets the five approved courses required for the Accredited Family Mediator designation (accFM)

Entrance Requirements: Post-Secondary degree or diploma and OR relevant experience

The Family mediation certificate will assist students looking to gain their Accredited Family Mediator status (AccFM) through OFAM, and those wishing to specialize in the quickly growing area of family mediation.

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which spans facilitation, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, adjudication, and litigation. Participants in this course will explore the history and goals of mediation, and the elements of the mediation process Given the high rates of separate and divorce in Canada, the practice of family mediation is an integral resource to settle family disputes – without costly legal fees.

This 12-week certificate is delivered fully online so that you can complete assignments when it’s most convenient for you, all while receiving support from a dedicated instructor and interacting with classmates.

The “Advanced Family Mediation” and “Screening for Family Violence, Abuse & Power Balances” courses include mandatory live lecture / roleplay times via conference/video call with the instructor and fellow classmates, in order to meet training requirements outlined by OFAM.

Advanced Family Mediation
(Upcoming date: July 19 – 25)
Week 1 and 2: 6:30 PM – 9:15 PM EST, Mondays and Wednesdays

Screening for Family Violence, Abuse & Power Balances
(Upcoming date September 6 – 12)
Week 1 and 2:  6:30 PM – 8:45 PM EST, Mondays and Wednesdays

*Live session times are subject to change with notice.

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Who Can Take the Course?

Individuals interested in the course must have post-secondary education (degree/diploma) or relevant experience. The course is intended for candidates who are new to the field of mediation, those who wish to learn more about family mediation, and those who are pursuing their Accredited Family Mediator designation (AccFM) through OFAM.

Career Options and Canadian Accreditation

A mediator works to help bring the parties involved to their own agreement to resolve a dispute or conflict. Issues that mediators work with are wide-ranging in areas such as Contracts, Family, Professional Services, Trades (Automotive purchase/repair), Landlords & Tenants, Real Estate & Property, Sports & Recreation, Health & Wellness, Employment, Workplace, even the Environment, Neighbourhoods, and Diversity.

While the profession of a ‘Mediator’ is not regulated; most people have a background as a Lawyer, Psychologist, or other practitioners within a regulated profession.

The Ontario Association for Family Mediation is recognized as Ontario’s preeminent family mediation organization. They promote and govern the professionalism within the family mediation community by granting accreditation to family mediators who have completed a rigorous program of education, training, and internship. The AccFM (OAFM) designation is sanctioned by the Ontario provincial government.

This online family mediation training program is accredited by the Ontario Association for Family Mediators and meets the five approved courses required for membership.

Click here to view a complete list of criteria required to pursue your designation through OFAM

Instructor Led Format

This certificate program is available in Instructor Led format only.

Instructor Led

(Condensed Course) – 12 weeks
Instructor led courses follow a class schedule with a dedicated Instructor and classmates. The Instructor posts weekly discussions and hosts role play sessions via conference call and virtual meetings where students can discuss assignments, industry topics etc. with their peers. The Instructor Led format has a heavier workload upfront but offers increased engagement, opportunity for discussion and encourage students to complete the course within a shorter time frame. Students can enter into an Instructor Led program at set start dates on approximately a monthly basis.