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Systems Technical Support Analyst Courses


Systems Technical Support Analysts Courses


  • Operating System and Cloud Essentials
  • This course helps students to understand and learn the fundamentals of operating system concepts. The course starts with explanations of the basics of operating systems (OS) along with how to install the OS and configuration of system settings. Topics include operating system fundamentals, user mode vs. kernel mode, process and memory management, and OS security.
  • Desktop Deployment & Application Support
  • This course helps students to understand and learn the installation of various types of application software. The course starts with explanations on the basics of Application software installations and management and how to use the specific applications. Topics include the application software environment, network fundamentals, the basics of Active Directory, and Active Directory Configurations.
  • IS 220 A+ Certificate Preparation
  • Students will gain a, step-by-step approach for learning the fundamentals of supporting and troubleshooting computer hardware and software. This course covers most of the exam objectives for CompTIAs A+ Exam, enabling students to be able to take the certification exam. The cost of one exam is covered in the cost of the course. Topics include essential computer hardware, BIOS and main memory and storage devices, I/O and input ports and devices, multimedia devices and video display cards and devices, laptop and notebook computers, mobile devices, and printers.
  • Troubleshooting Methodologies
  • Students will learn about the different troubleshooting methodologies and techniques. This course will provide the strategies for problem –solving in different aspects of computer system. The focus of this module is to provide enough details and knowledge to troubleshooting concepts and methodologies. Topics include basic troubleshooting flow paths, working with various hardware faults and issues, Windows troubleshooting, and working with network problems.
  • Customer Service Skills
  • The focus of this course is to provide enough knowledge and expertise to students to become successful customer service representatives and help desk representatives. Students will learn required skills to provide excellent customer service while addressing system and user issues. Topics will include listening and communication skills, strong writing skills for reporting of issues, teamwork, dealing with difficult situations
  • Career Development Seminar
  • Develop and provide general education curricula designed to enhance students analytical, oral and written communication skills, as well as stimulate their intellectual growth and personal development. Develop and provide services to student that will enrich their educational experience and enhance their opportunity to achieve their career goals. Working with cover letters, resumes/CVs, as well as developing strong interview skills.
  • Internship (Retail/Community)
  • On-the-Job Experience


• Minimum of a Canadian high school grade 12 or equivalent, or a mature student
• Pass an entrance test administrated by Herzing College
• Be interviewed in detail regarding interest in the field

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