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Restaurant and Hospitality Management Courses


Restaurant and Hospitality Management Courses in Winnipeg


  • Digital Systems Fundamentals
  • This course focuses on the use of digital systems within a modern restaurant or hotel environment. Topics include beverage control systems, ordering systems, order tracking, accounting software, spreadsheets use, and analysis of usage patterns to improve inventory control.
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • This course focuses on health and safety issues within a hotel, bar, or restaurant. Topics will include cleaning techniques, sterilization, food preparation rules, Safe Serve standards, how to identify risks and hazards, and preventing violence and harassment.
  • Food, Beverage Service, and Cost Control
  • This course focuses on management of inventory including consumables such as food and beverages as well as upkeep and maintenance of business facilities. Topics include beverage control, mixology, laws regarding serving of alcoholic beverages, asset management, menu design/construction, food preparation/storage basics, and ensuring
    correct safety procedures. Preparation for the Smart Serve certification is also included.
  • Human Resources Fundamentals
  • This course focuses on the role of management in the staffing and development of human resources particularly in hospitality and food service industries. Topics include planning, organizing, staffing, developing staff,directing staff, labour laws and regulations, hiring, and training.
  • Customer Service Skills
  • The focus of this course is working with clients or customers in the restaurant and hospitality industries.
    Topics will include active listening, dealing with difficult customers, reacting to social media posts and critical reviews, as well as training staff to be responsive to customer needs.
  • Accounting for Hospitality and Food Service
  • This introductory basic accounting course presents the accounting cycle beginning with journalizing transactions and ending with the production of financial statements. Topics include basic accounting concepts and practices,recording transactions, adjusting accounts, preparation of worksheets and the closing process, payroll accounting, and preparation of financial statements for restaurants and hospitality businesses.
  • Business Communications
  • This course develops a student’s written communication skills. Emphasis is placed on the principles of effective verbal and written communication as well as presentation skills, which includes understanding the communication process and grammar fundamentals, writing various types of memos, letters, reports, as well as editing and proof-reading. The Internet is used as an information resource and a communication medium.
  • Restaurant and Hotel Office Management
  • This course introduces an overview of Canadian restaurant and hotel front office activities and environments as well as the basics of managing day to day activities and planning both for short range and long range goals.
    Topics include the foundations of the service industry, managing the business enterprise, utilizing business assets, law and ethics, managing and leading employees, labour-management relations, managing operations, managing markets, managing information, and financial issues.
  • Hospitality Sales and Marketing
  • This course introduces the marketing process with emphasis on the role of product, price, promotion, and distribution in the hospitality and food service industries and how to develop sales techniques and methods using a relationship-building model. Topics include marketing environments, marketing planning, buying behaviours, product strategy and management, price strategy and management, types of sales, the role of the environment on food service/hospitality sales, marketing communications, and emerging directions in marketing.
  • Career Development Seminar
  • This seminar provides an opportunity for the student to apply the techniques and processes for developing a career path and to learn lifetime career management tools and skills. Topics include career-planning, job searching, writing resumes and cover letters, refining interview skills, and preparing for a new position.
  • Convention Management and Special Events
  • The course focuses on planning, managing, and organizing special events including conventions, meetings, weddings, sporting events, cultural events, and special celebrations. Topics include the five phases of event planning, developing, event execution, and evaluation through the use of case studies and scenarios.
  • Hospitality Operations Management
  • This course focuses on front line greeting of visitors at the front desk for a hotel or with the host/hostess in a restaurant setting, with a focus on reservation systems, guest services, concierge/ maître d activities and booking systems. Topics will include staffing, operational standards, uniformed services, housekeeping, needs of tourism guests, business guests, honeymoon couples, and so on.
  • Internship
  • The internship component of the program is the practical application of a student’s knowledge and skills in a restaurant or hospitality environment. The company shall provide work that is directly related to the student’s program of study. The duration of the internship is eight weeks during which the student must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 240 hours of work experience.

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