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Broadcasting and Media Communications Courses


Broadcasting and Media Communications Courses in Winnipeg


  • Intro to Broadcast Media
  • This course introduces students to the broadcast industry, terminology they will use, and career opportunities, including how to be an effective radio DJ.  They will learn to become comfortable in the radio studio and take part in a one camera live-to-tape video shoot.
  • Broadcast Announcing
  • This course looks at the art of performance, including breathing techniques, vocal and acting strategies and how to develop a professional speaking voice.  Students complete hands-on projects, delivering commercials, news, weather and sports and other on-air features.
  • Broadcast Copywriting
  • This course teaches students to write 30 and 60 second commercials for radio and television. The course covers hard sell and soft sell approaches to writing, and students develop a personal portfolio of their scripts.
  • Audio Production
  • This course provides students with skills pertinent to recorded and live production. The focus of the course is on digital audio editing, including special effects, studio console operation and digital and analog field production. (Adobe Audition).
  • Video production
  • This course introduces students to television production, both in the studio and on location. Basic principles such as camera operation and composition, lighting and sound recording will be covered, as well as linear and non-linear editing. (Final Cut/Adobe Premiere)
  • Media Production Specialization
  • This portion of the program allows students to major in either audio or video production, based on personal preference. This is an intensive look at field and studio production offering advanced techniques and numerous hands-on projects.
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • This course shows students how to develop professional writing, reporting and interview techniques.  With a Canadian textbook and locally sourced resource material, this program teaches students the ins and outs of Canadian broadcast journalism, including law and ethics.  Sports, Interview and Weather units are also covered.
  • Reporting and Current Affairs
  • This course offers students the opportunity to develop research strategies to write and produce documentaries, along with investigative and consumer reports. They will also learn about Municipal, Provincial, federal and U.S. politics.
  •  Broadcast Sales and Marketing
  • This course reviews the fundamentals of generating advertising revenue. Students will learn how to approach potential clients, make a sales pitch, and develop a well thought-out marketing strategy. This program also introduces students to the promotions department and teaches them how on-air contesting works. Sales and programming remotes are also covered in this course.
  •  Communication Skills
  • This portion of the program gives students an intensive review of grammar based on the needs of the broadcast industry.
  •  Media Projects
  • This course allows students to use the skills they have acquired throughout the program to do projects in the areas they have chosen to specialize, with the goal in mind of using these projects to develop their demos.
  •  Writing for Online Media
  • In this course students learn the differences between conventional writing, writing for advertising and the specific writing styles for social media messaging. This requires quick, concise, and accurate writing. Students gain a knowledge of the different social media platforms and how to use each to get the message across according to the features and constraints of each platform. Topics such as providing for scanning content, hyperlinking strategy, dealing with restricted word counts, and the use of tagged text.
  •  Creative Writing
  • This course allows students to develop skills in writing stories and develop knowledge of writing styles. Topics include writing a short story, character development, plot structure and conflict, setting, atmosphere and the narrative voice.
  •  Podcasting
  • This course, students will be learning about developing and recording for online delivery in podcast format. Topics include concept development, goal of the podcast, writing the first episode, uploading, responding to audiences, looking for fresh content, and promoting/marketing the podcast.
  •  Public Relations
  • This course will allow students the opportunity to learn about managing the exchange of information between an organization and the general public. Topics will include developing media relations strategies, evaluating public opinion regarding relevant issues, responding to crises and opportunities, as well as ensuring consistent communications across channels.
  •  Career Development
  • Job Training teaches students to develop professional resumes, cover letters and interview skills.
  •  Internship
  • The internship component of the program is the practical application of a student’s knowledge and skills in a broadcasting environment. The organization shall provide work that is directly related to the student’s program of study. The duration of the internship is six weeks during which the student must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 120 hours of work experience.


  • Minimum of a Canadian high school grade 12 or equivalent (high school transcript to be provided if under the age of 19), or a mature student (certified that the student is 19 years of age or over and have not attended high school in the last twelve months)
  • Pass an entrance assessment administered by Herzing College
  • Be interviewed in detail regarding interest in the field

Note: admission to some programs may include additional requirements

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