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Community Support Worker Courses


Community Support Worker Courses in Winnipeg


  • Introduction to Addictions
  • In this course students will look at addictions in today’s world. Drugs and their use present a social paradox, combining the potential for good and for bad. As a society and as individuals we can be the beneficiaries of drugs or their victims. Students will look at various drugs, alcohol and process addictions and their effects on individuals and society
  • Professional Skills for the Service Worker
  • In this course students will learn the skills necessary for dealing with clients and co-workers. Students will learn a variety of tips and techniques which they will develop through role play in the classroom. Customer service skills and interpersonal skills will be developed which will aid the student in the workplace environment.
  • The Canadian Family Dynamic
  •  In this course students will focus on themes of cultural diversity in contemporary Canadian society within a world perspective. Students will understand the dynamic structure and definition of the institution of the family and family issues. Students will be given the tools for an ongoing process of observation, understanding and analysis of marital and family relationships and organizations
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • This course will introduce students to the world of psychology. Students will be presented topics such as biology and behaviour, learning, memory, development, personality theory and assessment, psychological disorders, therapies and social psychology.
  • Life-Span Psychology and Development
  • In this section students will study human development from infancy, childhood, adolescence, early, middle and late adulthood; and the end of life. Students will look at development from a Canadian perspective and the distinctiveness that being Canadian has on our development.
  • Counselling and Interviewing Techniques
  •  In this course students will look at interviewing strategies in counseling from a Canadian perspective. Students will be introduced to basic concepts and models to help learners understand the theory and reasoning behind the use of interviewing counseling skills. Students will see realistic examples that illustrate concepts in action. Students will also participate in challenging exercises that promote skill development, conceptual understanding and self-awareness. Also covered are the Canadian Counselling Association and the Canadian Association of Social workers code of ethics as well as counselling within a culturally diverse setting.
  • Effective Team Work
  • In this course students will look at the skills that are needed to work effectively in teams. They will discuss different types of teams and the roles of team members. Students will also look at group problem solving and decision making. The role of a nurturing positive person and mentor/coach will also be topics of conversation.
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • In this course students will be introduced to sociology. Students will understand how our society and the groups to which we belong influence us. Students will learn how groups locally or in some far off part of the world allow us to gain insights into our own selves.
  • Introduction to Mental Health
  • In this course students will look at psychological disorders and therapies. Topics will include: what is abnormal, anxiety disorders, somatoform and dissociative disorders, schizophrenia and mood disorders. Therapies such as insight therapies, behaviour therapy, cognitive therapy and biological therapies will be discussed.
  • Community Services in Canada
  • In this course, students will be introduced to Social Work practice from a Canadian perspective. Students will cover topics that include theoretical and conceptual cases of Canadian Social Work Practice; Socio-Political factors influencing Canadian Social Work, practice methods, service delivery and practice issues. Students will also learn about high risk populations in Canadian society.
  • Business Communications and Report Writing
  • In this course students will learn a practical approach to writing and editing letters, memos, and reports. Students will see sample letters that are both models of good writing and examples of areas for improvement. Job application and oral presentation skills are also covered.
  • Career Development
  • This seminar provides an opportunity for the student to apply the techniques and processes for developing a career path and to learn lifetime tools and skills. Topics include career planning, job searching, developing career search documents, refining interviewing skills and preparing for a new position
  • Internship
  • The internship component of the program is the practical application of a student’s knowledge and skills in an industry environment. The industry shall be directly related to the student’s program of study. The internship requires full-time day attendance working in the industry setting. The duration of the internship is one month, during which the student must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 4 weeks of work experience.


  • Minimum of a Canadian high school grade 12 or equivalent (high school transcript to be provided if under the age of 19), or a mature student (certified that the student is 19 years of age or over and have not attended high school in the last twelve months)
  • Pass an entrance assessment administered by Herzing College
  • Be interviewed in detail regarding interest in the field

Note: admission to some programs may include additional requirements


• Able to provide clean Criminal Record, Child Abuse, and Adult Abuse checks.

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