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Educational Funding

Educational Funding at Herzing College Winnipeg

Your education is one of the most important investments you’ll make in your lifetime, and we realize that you may need assistance in paying for tuition. Our Educational Funding department will help you to navigate through the different funding options that may be available to you and can provide advice and assistance on the following topics:

  • Credit counselling
  • Budgeting
  • Retirement
  • Building a savings plan
  • Repayment of loans
  • Setting financial goals for the future


Self-funding all, or part of your education, is one of the best ways to invest in your future. Perhaps you’ve set aside money over the years to invest in an education (RRSP,RESP), or you’re planning to work while in school. Your family and relatives can also be a source of financial support to consider. Arrangements may be made with Herzing College’s Educational Funding Department for full, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly payment of your tuition education.

Bank or Credit Union Financing

Tuition assistance may be available through bank lines of credit, loans, RRSPs, RESPs or savings. Contact your branch for more information.

Government Student Loans

Federal and Provincial loans are need based and available to qualifying applicants. A trained Herzing staff member will guide you through the application process.  Click to visit  Manitoba Student Aid for more information.

To best determine funding options that may be available to you, click to complete our Funding Assessment.

Employment Manitoba

Several options may be available if you are unemployed, underemployed, low-skilled or low income. Visit the office at 100-111 Lombard Avenue or call (204) 945-0575 for further details.

Other Sources

If you are currently in receipt of EIA benefits, speak to your worker about options that may be available to you. Funding may be available through aboriginal bands and Manitoba Metis Federation. Contact their offices to obtain requirements and availability. For more information on possible funding through Workers Compensation Board of Canada or Vocational Rehabilitation, contact your worker.

Scholarships, Bursaries, Grants

Herzing offers a variety of scholarships which are  available to qualifying students. Bursaries and grants may also be available through the Manitoba and Federal government.

John Brandt Award: Three $1,000 scholarships are awarded throughout the year based on in school student submissions and the subsequent approval of the award by the senior management team evaluating all current applications.

William R Rootham Scholarship: Each year up to $20,000 ($5,000 per main campus) in William R Rootham Scholarships will be awarded to selected student who are enrolling in technology programs such as networking or programming. The Scholarships will generally be for $1,000 and will be applied pro-rata over the length of the program.  Except for a sudden change in a student’s financial condition, the Scholarship must be applied for prior to commencing classes at Herzing. A William R Rootham Scholarship Application may be obtained from the admissions department. The scholarships will be awarded based upon three separate criteria.

  1. Aptitude: a minimum of 25 on the Herzing Alternative Admissions Test. Scholarships will be awarded on a “first come first serve” basis. A total of 2/$1,000 scholarships will be awarded per campus.
  2. Need Based: limited to applicants who require additional funding to cover either living expenses or to cover tuition payments when available funding is less than total tuition and fees. Also awarded on a “first come first serve” basis. At total of 2/$1,000 scholarships will be awarded per campus.
  3. Interest in Field: awarded to applicants who can best express their interest in an education in the field of technology. A total of 1/$1,000 scholarships will be awarded per campus. We will use social media submissions to select a group of qualified entries from which a winner will be selected for the scholarships.

High School Scholarships: 

  1. High School Faculty Scholarship Award:  Each school is given the opportunity to award three scholarships annually to three students based on their own criteria. Students selected will be awarded a $500 scholarship.
  2. High School Graduate Scholarship Program: Students graduating from High school are eligible for a scholarship of $500. The student must  submit an application and include a recommendation from a high school official.

The awarding of any of the above scholarships is conditional upon candidates meeting our admissions criteria. Herzing reserves the right right to deny the awarding of any scholarship at its sole discretion and may do so without prejudice.

For further information on any of the options listed above, as well as other financial concerns, please contact an Admissions Advisor at 204-775-8175

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