Earn Your Media Diploma in just 9 Months!

Training in Media has become increasingly important for today’s marketing, communications, and broadcasting professionals. In order to stay competitive, businesses of all kinds need Media experts to help market their brand and products, and tell stories that resonate deeply with target audiences.

Herzing Toronto’s Media programs are developed in close consultation with industry, so students learn the exact knowledge and skills today’s employers need most – in just 9 months!

Our unique blend of classroom theory, hands-on training, and internship experience ensure that Media students have what it takes to land rewarding jobs right after graduation.

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Media Coordinator Program at Herzing Winnipeg

Herzing Winnipeg’s Media Coordinator program equips students with the knowledge and technical skills needed to represent a brand online and generate engagement on digital platforms. The intensive 9-month diploma also includes valuable training in other areas of marketing, including:

  • Writing for Online Media
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Graphics Management
  • Introduction to Video
  • Search Engine Optimization and Analytics
  • Social Media Strategizing
  • Crisis Management and Other Legal Issues
  • Basic Scripting for the Web
  • Social Media tools

Media Coordinator students also participate in a 6-week internship so they can apply their training, gain confidence, and make industry connections before graduating from the program.

Radio and Television Broadcaster Program at Herzing Winnipeg

There are over forty radio stations and eight TV stations in Manitoba. Many Media graduates specializing in radio find employment in one of the twenty rural radio stations, while most graduates specializing in television start out freelancing with production companies.

In just 9 months, Herzing’s Radio and Television Broadcaster program covers the fundamentals of media skills, practices and operations, including:

  • announcing
  • audio production
  • video production
  • human relations
  • English grammar, news-writing and reporting
  • sales and marketing

Included in the program, a 4-week internship helps students make industry connections while building their confidence in a real work environment.

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