Radio and Television Broadcaster

Radio and Television Broadcaster

A career in Radio and Television Broadcasting presents a variety of career tracks, including; on-air hosting, announcing, production, promotions, editing, reporting and writing. Individuals in this field are typically responsible for hosting radio or television shows, writing or producing radio or television ads, or promoting their station through events or sales and marketing activities.

There are over forty radio stations, and eight TV stations in Manitoba. Many graduates specializing in radio find employment in one of the twenty rural radio stations, while most graduates specializing in television start out freelancing with production companies.

This program provides an overview of the media skills, practices and operations with a focus on either audio or video specialization. Areas of study include announcing, audio production, video production, human relations, English grammar, newswriting and reporting, copywriting, and sales and marketing.

Program length: 9 months (25 hours/week, M-F) includes 4 week (100 hours) internship

Radio and Television Broadcaster Careers

The Radio and Television Broadcaster program prepares graduates to work in a career in radio or television, and find employment opportunities with radio and television stations, newspaper offices, and video and audio production houses.

Examples of job titles: Anchor, Copywriter, Producer, Sports Broadcaster, Audio Producer, News Reporter, Promotions Coordinator, Video Editor, Camera Operator, On Air Host, Sales Representative, Voice-Over Artist.

Examples of employers: 92CITI, CJOB, VIRGIN 103, Film Training Manitoba, CBC, Corus Entertainment,  CTV, TSN 1290, Jim Pattison Group, BOB FM

Sample Range of Starting Salaries: $21,840 - $27,040

*Statistics based on most recent available.

Radio and Television Broadcaster Courses in Winnipeg



  • Intro to Broadcast Media
  • Broadcast Announcing
  • Broadcast Copywriting
  • Audio Production
  • Video production
  • Media Production Specialization
  • Broadcast Newswriting
  • Reporting and Current Affairs
  •  Broadcast Sales and Marketing
  •  English Grammar
  •  Media Projects
  •  Career Development
  •  Internship


• Minimum of a Canadian high school grade 12 or equivalent, or a mature student.
• Pass an entrance test administrated by Herzing College.
• Pass a voice test.
• Be interviewed in detail regarding interest in the field.

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