Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Occupational Health and Safety Officer

*This program is also available online through Flex-Ed 

A career in Occupational Health and Safety focuses on the physical and mental well-being of employees. Individuals in this role work to minimize risks and workplace hazards, and protect the health of workers. They ensure safe workplace environments and conditions and aim to prevent departures of workers due to health related issues caused by work conditions.

This program provides an overview of safety and workplace health principles and focuses on best practices in ergonomics, hygiene and worker health and wellness. Areas of study include hazard recognition, safety audit analysis, environmental issues and fire protection, laws and ethics and risk management.

Program Length: 8 months (20 hours/week) 4 week internship
Delivery: Winnipeg campus or online learning

Occupational Health and Safety Careers

The Occupational Health and Safety Officer program prepares students to work in various organizations in a workplace health and safety role. Graduates should find employment opportunities with government offices and agencies, insurance companies, healthcare organizations and businesses of all sizes.

Examples of possible job titles include Health and Safety Coordinator, Workplace Health and Safety Coordinator, Health Safety Advisor, Safety Officer, Safety Coordinator

Sample average starting salary: $45,000 (payscale.com)

*Statistics based on most recent available.

Occupational Health and Safety Courses in Winnipeg


  • Hazard Recognition 
  • Safety Audit Analysis 
  • Environmental Issues and Fire Prevention 
  • Ergonomics 
  • Occupational Hygiene 
  • Worker Health and Wellness 
  • Career Development 
  • Laws and Ethics 
  • Management Systems 
  • Risk Management 
  • Internship