Business Administration Online Training

*This program is offered at our Winnipeg campus and online in the Flex-Ed program format.

A career in Business Administration presents a variety of different career tracks, including; finance/accounting, customer service, sales and marketing. Individuals in this role are typically responsible for using common operating systems and software for administrative purposes, analyzing and processing accounting data, establishing marketing plans, or selling products and services to customers.

This Business Administration program provides an overview of business principles, practices, and operations with a focus on accounting and developing managerial skills. Areas of study include accounting concepts and applications, business principles and management, computer application software for business, marketing and communication skills.

Program length: 12 months (20 hours/week) includes 4 week internship

Our Flex-Ed program format offers the best of both worlds.  A convenient online learning environment with the option to work at the campus and receive support from your instructor. Students can choose to work completely or partially online and come to the campus during set hours each day to meet with their instructor and use our facilities.

Careers in Business Administration Online

The Business Administration program prepares students to work in the business office of any organization. Graduates should find employment opportunities with government offices and agencies, insurance companies, various business offices, retail outlets, and sales organizations. Graduates may also use the skills and competencies acquired through this program to start their own business.

Examples of possible job titles include: Account Representative, Business Administrator, Customer Service Representative, and Office Manager.

Examples of employers for these positions include: Artic Glacier, Eastern Chrysler, Noventis Credit Union, TD Bank, Canada Cartage

Sample Range of Starting Salaries: $24,960 - $34,320

*Statistics based on most recent available.


Business Administration Online Courses


• Accounting I
• Accounting II
• Computerized Accounting I
• Computerized Accounting II
• Spreadsheets
• Payroll Administration
• Business Principles and Project Management
• Business Communications
• Business Communication Applications
• Sales & Marketing
• Database Applications
• Career Development
• Internship


• Minimum of a Canadian high school grade 12 or equivalent, or a mature student
• Pass an entrance test administrated by Herzing College
• Be interviewed in detail regarding interest in the field

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