Our reputation is built on a foundation of high ethical standards and a commitment to the success of our students and the communities and the industries we support.

Herzing College began as Herzing Institute in February of 1965. Initially, the institution was dedicated to computer technology training. But over the years, the college has expanded its breadth of career-focused education and has expanded geographically to include campus locations in Ontario, Quebec, and Manitoba.

Land Acknowledgement Statement

We would like to acknowledge that Herzing College campuses are located in Ontario, Winnipeg and Montreal on the traditional land of indigenous Peoples. We are grateful for the opportunity to live and work on this land.

Herzing College is committed to partnering and moving forward with Indigenous Peoples in the spirit of Reconciliation.

Vision Statement

The vision of Herzing College is to be the preferred career‐oriented college of students, employers, and employees.

Mission Statement

The mission of Herzing College is to provide career-focused post-secondary programs of high quality that are designed to prepare a diverse student population to meet the needs of a wide array of employers.

This is accomplished through the innovative use of teaching technologies and experienced faculty. Included in these career-oriented programs are educational methodologies and materials to promote the development of teamwork, communication skills, and the personal attributes valued by employers.

Henry Herzing

Dr. Henry Herzing, Founder

Our Founder

After completing his naval service in the 1960s, Henry Herzing was newly married and looking for a career opportunity that would keep him closer to home. Then came a chance to buy a franchise to open a computer school.

“My wife, Suzanne, was a teacher, and I worked in computers, so the idea wasn’t so strange. Sometimes life hands you an unexpected opportunity and you just have to go for it. That’s exactly what we did,” he says.

“It was a big risk. We had to use all our assets—cash, securities, sold Suzanne’s car, borrowed against her insurance policy—to get the school up and running. By the time our first class started, we had zero dollars in our bank account. I was utterly determined to make it work. My family was counting on me.”

Henry and Suzanne’s dedication and hard work paid off. More than five decades and 40,000 graduates later, Herzing College is still helping people create more fulfilling futures.

“I love to go to graduations and see second and even third generations of family members who have gone to our college. I find those personal success stories very motivating,” says Mr. Herzing. “The way our training programs help people transform their lives—this is what inspires me and makes me most proud.”

Read the full interview: Meet Henry Herzing: The True Story Behind Herzing College

Our History

Herzing College began as a computer training school in 1965 and was acquired by what is now Herzing University (an institution of higher education in the United States) in 1968. It was part of the Herzing University entity until 2014, but it’s now a wholly separate entity.

Founder Henry Herzing remains on the Board of Trustees of Herzing University and is President of the Herzing College System.

While it started as a technology institute, Herzing College has expanded over the years to include programs in business, design, health care, education, legal studies, media, and the trades. We now have campus locations in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, and Cambridge.

Our Students

Herzing College students come from a wide range of backgrounds. We serve:

  • Adult learners looking for a career change
  • International students seeking to transition into the Canadian workforce
  • High school graduates who want an alternative to a university or community college program
  • Students who transfer from other colleges

Our Programs

Our industry-relevant programs are designed to give you the skills you need to thrive in today’s workforce. Choose from certificate and diploma options in:

  • Business
  • Design
  • Education
  • Legal Studies
  • Healthcare
  • Technology
  • Media
  • Skilled Trades
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Why Herzing

For over 55 years we’ve been helping people transition back to school and into fulfilling careers

Herzing's career-focused training is designed to bridge the gap between students and employers. Our programs are built to meet industry needs and are continually updated to reflect emerging trends in each sector.

With frequent start dates and on campus and online options, our programs offer the flexibility you need to juggle your education with the demands of a job, family, and other activities.

At Herzing College we’re committed to helping you succeed. Our career development team connects you with a network of industry partners and provides ongoing employment support before and after graduation.

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