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Community Services Worker Instructors


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Ruth Joanne Goodyear
Instructor, Community Service Worker

Learn more about Joanne from her interview with "The Human Family", a sociology/community project. Click here to read the full story.

I am a registered nurse and a board certified addiction counselor, as well as a social worker... I have been teaching for many years, and this is my ninth year as the Instructor of the CSW Program at Herzing College.

I am also employed by Regeneration Community Services working in the CAMH Schizophrenia Program. Previously I worked for 5 years as the Director of a treatment centre for chemically dependent women, as well as four years as a psychotherapist in my own private practice. This experience gives me the momentum and the passion to teach our CSW Program.

I have 3 children and a 17 year old granddaughter. Family is very important to me. I love dogs, especially Labrador Retrievers and I'm very active in dog rescue and animal welfare. I live with two cats and a black Lab named Spike and a Chi mix puppy Mr. Bojangles. I am vigorously involved in my community through activism and humanitarian causes. I am a member in many activist groups including Ontario Coalition against Poverty, MAD in Toronto, Marine Animal Defence, Mercy for Animals, Greenpeace Canada, Toronto Pig Save, Farm Animals Rights Movement. I am also a member of the Canadian Association for Neuroscience.

I'm from Halifax Nova Scotia but I've lived in Ontario since 1980. I was raised in a family who taught me “From Those to Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected. Thus I have always had a very strong work ethic and meaningful work has always given me a sense of purpose and adventure.

Teaching the Community Service Worker Program enriches my life. I am able to provide my students with a “hands on” experience as well as lots of community involvement as they achieve their academic goals. Working for Herzing College has been an amazing opportunity for me to grow and develop. I am surrounded by an incredible team of individuals who support me and encourage me to always be improving myself. From my work at Herzing I have found the company of soul-mates who share similar ideals and ignite my passion.

My motivation and drive for excellence is fuelled by my graduates who are doing well in the field and who are paving the way for more successful graduates in the future. Herzing College is unique in that we all work together as a team. The faculty works very closely with the administration staff and Career Services. This is vital to the future career success of our students. At Herzing, students are the life and spirit of our school.

In the CSW Program we have embraced Ghandi’s words as our motto;

“Be the Change You Want To See in the World”