Start Your Legal Career in One Year or Less!

Fascinated by the legal system but don’t want to spend years at university and law school? At Herzing College Toronto, we prepare students for rewarding, in-demand legal careers in one year or less!

Our combined approach of classroom theory and hands-on training helps Herzing grads secure positions in their field directly after graduation. And our dedicated instructors, convenient class schedules, and industry connections make transitioning back to school and into a legal career you’ll love easier than ever.

Law Clerk Program at Herzing Toronto

Love the idea of working at a private law firm, government office or legal department? Law clerks work closely with lawyers to handle a range of legal and administrative tasks. They are a valued member of any legal team.

In just one year, Herzing’s Law Clerk program trains students in a range of areas, including:

  • Corporate Law
  • Wills and Estates
  • Family Law
  • Real Estate
  • Litigation
  • Legal office procedures

Law Clerk students also participate in a 4-week internship so they can apply their training, gain confidence, and make industry connections before graduating from the program.

Paralegal Program at Herzing Toronto

Do you want to become a licensed paralegal in Ontario? Paralegals assist lawyers and work directly with clients to provide a range of services, including representing clients in Small Claims Court. Herzing’s Paralegal program prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed to apply for a license with the Law Society of Ontario.

In just one year at Herzing, you’ll learn everything you need to hit the ground running in your new career, including:

  • Statutes and By-Laws
  • Torts and Contracts
  • Evidence and the Litigation Process
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Small Claims Court
  • Tribunal Practice
  • Provincial Offences/Motor Vehicle Offences
  • Criminal Summary Conviction Procedures

Paralegal students also participate in a 4-week internship so they can apply their training, gain confidence, and make industry connections before graduating from the program.

Immigration Consultant Program at Herzing Toronto: In-Class or Online!

Love the idea of helping qualified newcomers get settled here in Canada? Want to help others make a fresh start or reunite with loved ones? Demand for immigration consultants is on the rise in Canada. With an Immigration Consultant diploma from Herzing, you could join this thriving industry and make a real difference in your community!

At Herzing Toronto, Immigration Consultant students learn everything they need to launch a career in just 6 months, including the fundamentals of:

  • Immigration and Refugee Law
  • Temporary Status
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Administrative Tribunals
  • IRB and Professional Responsibility (Code of Ethical Conduct of Members

Students also participate in an 8-week internship to apply their knowledge, gain confidence, and make industry connections.

*The Immigration Consultation Program is also available online


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Start Preparing for your Career at Herzing College Toronto

Our Toronto campus has earned a solid reputation not only for quality education but for real-world career preparation. The objective of our diploma and online professional development certificate programs is simple: to equip our graduates with marketable skills that they can utilize in obtaining financially and emotionally rewarding careers.

Each program is designed to ensure that the skills and knowledge taught in class parallel those in demand in the workplace. Beyond the classroom, we offer personalized career services and support to students, beginning on day one. Get trained for a new career in less time than you think and we'll help you to find employment. 

Many diploma programs at Herzing College in Toronto include an internship to gain work experience!

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