Earn Your Design Diploma in One Year or Less!

Do you love working with technology to communicate concepts in creative ways? Businesses and organizations of all kinds need design professionals to tell their brand story and connect with clients online.

In just one year or less, Herzing’s unique blend of dedicated instruction, classroom theory and hands-on training gives design grads the edge they need to land rewarding jobs in this growing field!

Architectural Design Program at Herzing Toronto

Architectural Designers/Drafters are involved in all stages of the design and building process. Once they gain experience, they may consult with clients about project scopes and budgets and produce design concepts. After design concepts are approved they work with engineers, construction teams etc. to make sure the design is carried out as planned.

This program will teach students to become proficient using computer aided design application packages. Areas of study include design fundamentals and blueprints, computer graphics, AutoCAD 2-D and 3-D, Interior, Exterior and Landscape design, and Ontario Building Code.

Computer Graphic Design Program at Herzing Toronto

Web and graphic designers use color, lettering, typography and computer design programs to create images and documents for use in print and online.

This program provides students with a solid foundation for career growth. Graduates are qualified for many entry-level positions, including production or computer artists at newspapers or print media production houses, advertising agencies or television stations. Areas of study include Adobe Photoshop image design and editing, vector graphics using Adobe Illustrator, website design, graphic design and layout using Adobe InDesign and more.

  • Web design fundamentals with Flash and Dreamweaver
  • Graphic design with Quark XPress, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop

Students also participate in a 6-week internship to apply their knowledge, gain confidence, and make industry connections.

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Start Preparing for your Career at Herzing College Toronto

Our Toronto campus has earned a solid reputation not only for quality education but for real-world career preparation.

The objective of our diploma and professional certification programs is simple: to equip our graduates with marketable skills that they can utilize in obtaining financially and emotionally rewarding careers.

Each program is designed to ensure that the skills and knowledge taught in class parallel those in demand in the workplace.

Beyond the classroom, we offer personalized career services and support to students, beginning on day one. Get trained for a new career in less time than you think and we'll help you to find employment

Plus, every diploma program at Herzing College in Toronto includes an internship to gain work experience!

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