Student Testimonials

Read our Kompass Professional Development Student Testimonials and hear from our alumni about their experiences.


"It was great, l really enjoyed it."

— Colleen McKay, Mediation for Professionals Student

“ I have enjoyed all of the sessions and have had the opportunity to listen and understand how all of our worlds are different but in many ways very similar.”

— Debbie Thomas, Mediation for Professionals Student

"Amazing staff that offer you constant support. Every-time I had a question I received an answer in a short period of time and in a very professional way. I enjoyed the courses especially  that I was able to do it in my own free time and was able to get in touch with the instructor every time it was needed."

— Diana Costandoi , Human Resources for Professionals Student

"Javier, thank you for your comments and your teachings. I seriously think this will impact my social media package greatly over the next few months. I can’t think of a better professor for this course."

— Diane Hayes, Social Media and Digital Marketing Student

"The Mediation for professionals program is an excellent course with outstanding tutors. I thoroughly enjoyed the methodological approach. The overall structure and design of the course is very professional and effective. There was a healthy mix of theory and interactive sessions with the instructors and the program is competitively priced. It is qualitatively the best and a great asset to my legal and ministerial knowledge. Thanks to Kompass, not only have I become qualified in mediation, but a better pastor and human being as well. I highly recommend the program."

— Eric Thompson, Mediation for Professionals Student

"The course was so interesting and Javier is an amazing instructor.  I am really pleased with it and think it will be very helpful.  It was quite intense with a full time job, etc. but I’m thrilled I did it!"

— Gabriela Baillargeon, Social Media and Digital Marketing Student

Thank you so much for this course! I learned so much and think that its invaluable especially for how digitally based my new job is! I can actually talk the talk a bit now.

— Karli Anderson, Social Media & Digital Marketing Certificate Student

"It is not very often that you take a course and the teacher (Javier) creates a massive change in perspective on a topic. This happened when taking the 'Social Media and Digital Marketing' course. Putting the knowledge learned into play has definitely increased traffic. FB likes are up and interaction is increasing. I can safely say that what was taught, by Javier in the course, has improved our online footprint! Consistent lead contact has increased. Learning while being shown practical uses was the key."

— Peter Fairhead, Social Media and Digital Marketing Certificate Student

I have just completed the Social Media and Digital Marketing course and really enjoyed it! I haven't taken a class in quite some time and did not know what to expect. There is a lot of reading and hands on assignments. Javier as a instructor and presenter was excellent! He kept it relevant and fun! I enjoyed the Discussion Posts and learned a lot from the assignments. Highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about it!

— Phil Wong, Social Media & Digital Marketing Certificate Student

"I feel I've learned a great deal throughout this process, and I have my awesome instructor to thank for that! His knowledge, thoroughness and valuable feedback have helped me immensely."

— Ruxandra Mihalache, Social Media and Digital Marketing Student