Student Testimonials

Read our Kompass Professional Development Student Testimonials and hear from our alumni about their experiences.

I found the Instructors to be knowledgeable, helpful and understanding. The course was clearly laid out, easy to follow within strict time frames.

The instructors provided in-depth and frank discussion in each module. They provided the students with additional sources of information and a compassionate perspective which prepared us to understand scenarios which could present in actual mediation sessions.

— Cathleen, Mediation Student

I just completed this online course and find it enjoyable and insightful. The admin is responsive and friendly, the course well curated and the instructors are knowledgeable and impressive with their guidance. Based on my personal experience, I highly recommend this online course for any wannabe arbitrator.

— Chaun G., Arbitration Student

"It was great, l really enjoyed it."

— Colleen McKay, Mediation for Professionals Student

“ I have enjoyed all of the sessions and have had the opportunity to listen and understand how all of our worlds are different but in many ways very similar.”

— Debbie Thomas, Mediation for Professionals Student

As a mediator, I am always looking for training to keep up my skills, learn new techniques and get my continuing professional development credits - this training provides for all of these needs and more! By taking this course I had the opportunity to meet people from all over Canada, receive excellent instruction from amazing ADR professionals and fine tune my writing skills!

— Demi, Mediation Student

"Amazing staff that offer you constant support. Every-time I had a question I received an answer in a short period of time and in a very professional way. I enjoyed the courses especially  that I was able to do it in my own free time and was able to get in touch with the instructor every time it was needed."

— Diana Costandoi , Human Resources for Professionals Student

"Javier, thank you for your comments and your teachings. I seriously think this will impact my social media package greatly over the next few months. I can’t think of a better professor for this course."

— Diane Hayes, Social Media and Digital Marketing Student

"The Mediation for professionals program is an excellent course with outstanding tutors. I thoroughly enjoyed the methodological approach. The overall structure and design of the course is very professional and effective. There was a healthy mix of theory and interactive sessions with the instructors and the program is competitively priced. It is qualitatively the best and a great asset to my legal and ministerial knowledge. Thanks to Kompass, not only have I become qualified in mediation, but a better pastor and human being as well. I highly recommend the program."

— Eric Thompson, Mediation for Professionals Student

"The course was so interesting and Javier is an amazing instructor.  I am really pleased with it and think it will be very helpful.  It was quite intense with a full time job, etc. but I’m thrilled I did it!"

— Gabriela Baillargeon, Social Media and Digital Marketing Student

I have just completed the Community Mental Health certification and I absolutely loved it. The format of the course was very accommodating to those with busy schedules and still managed to be consistent, informative and interactive. The professors I had were both very engaging, knowledgeable and made already interesting material even better! Their slides, links and discussions were fantastic and I learned a lot that I will carry on with more towards future endeavours. Definitely recommend!

— Gillian, Community Mental Health Student

I was really able to focus and understand the program with the help of the wonderful teachers. I've learned a lot, and the flexibility of the classes works well with my busy schedule. Thank you for a great program, great teachers and awesome staff!

— Heather, Mediation Student

I am legal professional (Paralegal) who currently works in a position in government where I interact with members of the public. I wanted to increase my mediation / dispute resolution skills so I enrolled in the mediation for Professionals program at Kompass Professional development. I felt the curriculum was top notch, assignments were marked fairly, the price was very fair and the timing was very convenient. I also felt that Louie and Hayley, were both exceptionally qualified instructors (Louie being a Harvard trained mediator and Hayley an accomplished mediator as well as a child and family therapist). I learned many valuable skills that will serve me well as I move through my career. I am a life long learner and very much looking forward to taking more courses with Kompass Professional Development.

— Jeff, Mediation Student

"I just want to share that it is a wonderful course and I learned a lot from the instructors and course mates. Special thanks to the instructors Hayley, Mary Joseph and Louie!"

— Karen Wong, Mediation for Professionals Student

Thank you so much for this course! I learned so much and think that its invaluable especially for how digitally based my new job is! I can actually talk the talk a bit now.

— Karli Anderson, Social Media & Digital Marketing Certificate Student

Very active and helpful online learning platform , very active and friendly staff, easy to deal with , experienced instructors , sure I will recommend it to friends

— Moataz, Mediation Student

"It is not very often that you take a course and the teacher (Javier) creates a massive change in perspective on a topic. This happened when taking the 'Social Media and Digital Marketing' course. Putting the knowledge learned into play has definitely increased traffic. FB likes are up and interaction is increasing. I can safely say that what was taught, by Javier in the course, has improved our online footprint! Consistent lead contact has increased. Learning while being shown practical uses was the key."

— Peter Fairhead, Social Media and Digital Marketing Certificate Student

I have just completed the Social Media and Digital Marketing course and really enjoyed it! I haven't taken a class in quite some time and did not know what to expect. There is a lot of reading and hands on assignments. Javier as a instructor and presenter was excellent! He kept it relevant and fun! I enjoyed the Discussion Posts and learned a lot from the assignments. Highly recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about it!

— Phil Wong, Social Media & Digital Marketing Certificate Student

I would highly recommend the Mediation for Professionals program for anyone who is interested in becoming an accredited mediator.

— Rukiya, Mediation Student

"I feel I've learned a great deal throughout this process, and I have my awesome instructor to thank for that! His knowledge, thoroughness and valuable feedback have helped me immensely."

— Ruxandra Mihalache, Social Media and Digital Marketing Student

"It’s been a pleasure taking these courses and the knowledge I’ve gained from this experience had been amazing!"

— Safeena Ally, Mediation for Professionals Certificate Student

As a complete newbie to social media, the Fundamentals portion of the Social Media and Digital Marketing Certificate did more than just give step by step instructions, it made me think, made me do, and made me aware of how much more there is to learn.  Instructor Javier was informative, responsive and would be a great mentor. He walks the talk. Well done.

— Sharon Lain, Social Media & Digital Marketing Certificate Student

I really enjoyed my classes and Javier is the best teacher and mentor.

— Sonia Garippo, Social Media & Digital Marketing Certificate Student

A huge thank you to all at Herzing College/Kompass Professional Development for the past 12 wonderful weeks I spent toward mediator qualification! Admittedly, I was reluctant going into this program, having never done an online program before, and with limited available time on account of a busy legal practise. However, my concerns were quickly alleviated, once I discovered that I could manage all the reading (3 mediation text books), the 4 hours of classes each week, the discussion posts, and the assignments, all of which work was indeed challenging and time-intensive, but the volume and pace were manageable. Connecting into the online sessions worked without a glitch, with the instructors and students all managing to remotely collaborate as required. The material covered in the program was broad in scope and most relevant, with the various topics all nicely integrating, such that, by the end of the program, all students had a solid knowledge of various areas of law and processes to which conflict mediation skills apply. The instructors were stupendous, teaching all required materials – through lectures, great visual aids, role play sessions, and discussions to which all students contributed – in a manner that was as practical as it was academic, and, more importantly, fun, with good doses of humour throughout. I was extremely impressed with how, while teaching all the theory and concepts, the instructors generously provided us with invaluable practical advice drawn from their real world experience as mediators, which will certainly assist any students planning to become mediators, such as myself. Each of the 3 instructors to whom I was exposed were frequently and reliably accessible, taking the time to respond to my inquiries outside class time; I have no doubt whatsoever that these instructors genuinely care about the students learning the materials, and providing practical advice on how to apply it in our various assignments, and, of course, later on in practise. As I definitely now feel well-equipped to mediate disputes for clients, I believe that the value of the education I have earned — from this top notch learning facility, and its terrific, enthusiastic instructors — more than justifies the tuition fee, which was reasonably modest in any event. I also thoroughly enjoyed meeting all my wonderful colleagues, and their feedback throughout; while the courses were online, I believe I have made some genuine friends, all of whom share a keen interest in becoming mediators. I even met up with one colleague in Manitoba — I am in Ontario — and we had a grand time, sharing life experiences, with lots of laughs. I will really miss this course and all the great people I met. In summary, then, this course was wonderful in all respects — indeed, priceless — and I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend it to anyone likewise interested in embracing the challenge. Thanks again to everyone at Herzing/Kompass for providing me with this enjoyable, enriching experience!"

— Thomas Percival, Mediation for Professionals Student