Professional Development Program:

Online Project Management Certificate


Entrance Requirements: Post-Secondary degree or diploma and OR relevant experience

In the current business climate effectively managing projects and project teams at a distance is more important than ever. Almost every project has team members, customers, suppliers and stakeholders across some geographic divide…whether that’s across town or around the world. In the past projects were managed as if all participants resided within the same office building – but now project teams are operating entirely virtually, where the core team no longer has the opportunity to meet face to face.

The new reality of remote project management has challenged traditional execution processes and organizations are looking for ways to adapt. In the Online Project Management online certificate students will learn about all aspects of successfully working with project teams in the virtual world and will gain a better understanding of the change management process to drive higher levels of adoption at a faster rate

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The online certificate features 7 modules that will explore all aspects of managing teams through technology. Each module will allow the learner to gain new understanding and awareness, research optimal solutions, and apply learning in their own work environment.

The 7 Modules include:

  1. Virtual Leadership, Real Accountability: Getting the Results You Need
  2. Workflows: Understanding, Optimizing, Automating
  3. Project Management Portal 1: Free Tools
  4. Project Management Portal 2: PM Lite
  5. Project Management Portal 3: End-to-End Control
  6. Online Facilitation: Maintaining Engagement and Getting Results
  7. Document Management and IP Security: Managing your Most Important Assets

This certificate is delivered fully online so that you can complete assignments when it’s most convenient for you, all while receiving support from a dedicated instructor and interacting with classmates.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for those working in a project management role; including professionals in a background with business, marketing, and human resources, engineering, trades, IT.

It will benefit anyone looking to build on existing project management skills and those looking to better understand remote and virtual project management.

Instructor Supported Format

This certificate program offers convenient online delivery to best accommodate busy schedules.

(Extended Course) – 14-28  weeks
Instructor supported courses come with the support of a dedicated Instructor but do not follow a set class schedule. Students work at their own pace to complete the course within a six month time period. The Instructor has pre-recorded lectures that are available for students to review. The Instructor Supported option offers students continued support from a dedicated instructor with the flexibility to complete the certificate over a longer period of time. Students can enter into an Instructor Supported program at the beginning of each week.