Professional Development Program:

Mediation For Professionals Certificate Tuition

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The chart below outlines the cost of the Mediation for Professional classes if you choose to take them individually.

A $200 non-refundable registration fee is charged to register for the course. We offer a payment plan for tuition of three equal payments of $798.33 at week 3, week 6, and week 9.

*Students are responsible for purchasing these additional printed OR digital textbooks

Art and Practice of Mediation, 2nd Edition & Choices in Approaching Conflict: Understanding the Practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution Book Bundle – $136 (digital or print)

The Family Dispute Resolution Handbook, 6th Edition – $115 (print)

Tuition for the Mediation for Professionals Certificate

Courses Individual Cost
Total Cost $2,395 CAD + $200 Reg.Fee
Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution (2 weeks) $399.16
Dispute Resolution Assessment (2 Weeks) $399.16
Managing Family Dynamics (2 Weeks) $399.16
Family Law for Non-Lawyer Mediators (2 Weeks) $399.16
Workplace Dispute Resolution (2 Weeks) $399.16
Introduction to Family Mediation (2 Weeks) $399.16