Professional Development Program:

Digital Marketing Strategy Certificate Courses

Unlocking the Secrets of Social Media

2-4 weeks

Do you know the “secret sauce” of any successful social media campaign? The Unlocking the Secrets of Social Media course will introduce you to the fundamental aspects of any successful social media campaign and account management. While algorithms change and more niche platforms become available, there are certain fundamental truths about social media content and user interactions that do not change. The content breakdown of the weeks is as follows:
  • Week 1: Content and storytelling, the concept and application of persona and how it affects social media pages, and what are the key common aspects of any successful social media posts. There is a focus on practice/hands on activities to understand how these concepts are applied in real-life situations
  • Week 2: Exploring the top social media platforms (called in the industry “the frightful 5”), and which new platforms may become the next “big thing”. We also share proven strategies to keep anyone working or wishing to work managing social media pages always up-to-date and ready to take advantage of changes and new technologies

Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing

2-4 weeks

How do I build online communities which will in turn generate sales and also protect the reputation of my business/organization? The Latest Trends in Social Media Marketing course will provide students with the knowledge and the insights they need to become online community managers and protect the reputation of an organization through social media. The content breakdown for each week is as follows:
  • Week 1: How to grow your online audience in a sustainable way, and what are the key elements to engage and delight your followers so they become brand ambassadors, protecting the reputation of an organization both online and off-line
  • Week 2: Blogs, websites and pages content management and flow, and how to measure engagement in social media. Students will have access to various free and fee-based content management platforms, and also learn how to deal with negative reviews and comments in a professional manner to turn a potential conflict into an opportunity to strengthen the brand and gain more customers

Social Media Strategy and Content Management

4-8 weeks

How do you build a successful social media strategy that generates leads and builds long-term online communities? The Social Media Strategy and Content Management course will answer these questions and prepare students to research, develop and execute comprehensive social media campaigns. This four week course focuses first on key aspects of social media strategy and content, with a final assignment that puts all these knowledge together creating a complete, hands-on document which can be used by the student immediately. The content breakdown of the weeks is as follows:
  • Week 1: Social trends, how to scale your social media and website, and the purpose of having a comprehensive strategy
  • Week 2: In-depth content strategy: how to create successful content that will engage, entertain and generate leads for any business/organization
  • Week 3: In-depth online marketing strategy: how to connect sales and marketing objectives with social media activities. How to build brand equity through social media. The use of various dashboards and social media management platforms to execute a plan, organize content and find the best content for your online assets
  • Week 4: Develop a comprehensive, hands-on strategy for your own business, your employer or work on a real-life case. How to measure success and keep any strategy current

SEO, Analytics and Online Advertising

4-8 weeks

Can my website appear at the top of key search keywords? How do I run a successful online advertising campaign? The SEO, Analytics and Online Advertising course will answer these questions, focusing on how online users use search to find businesses, activities and reviews. Every company competes to appear in those searches and to connect with the right user who may become a customer. This course will give you all the tools you need to succeed in getting to page 1 of a search, analyze your audience and the competition, and create successful online advertisements. The content breakdown for each week is as follows:
  • Week 1: How SEO works. Students will learn how do search engines find information and match what they know about every website with actual searches. We explain the semantic web, and how to go audit all your online properties (or any online property), going behind the scenes of webpages, reading their HTML tags and understanding how to guide search engines to match search criteria with your content
  • Week 2: SEO strategy and toolkit. We provide hands-on tools to develop a complete search strategy (including blog development) and the online services we can use to measure success and keep track of potential changes that may impact search engine results
  • Week 3: Online advertising. With algorithms prioritizing personal content over corporate pages and the fact that social media and search platforms make money by selling advertsing... How do we create the most bang for our back? Week three discusses how online advertising works for search and social, and the key aspects of successful paid campaigns with real-life examples and access to various monitoring tools
  • Week 4: The last week of the course focuses on creating an all-encompassing and measurable SEO and Online Advertising campaigns for the student’s own business, employer or using a real-life case / organization and applying all the concepts and tools under the supervision of the instructor/coach