Professional Development Program:

Human Resources Management Certificate Courses

Strategic Leadership

2-4 Weeks

Transitioning from being one of the team to leading the team is a significant change, not only in roles but in thinking. In the Strategic Leadership training course you will explore ways to manage the transition to HR Business Partner, or having to administer the HR Function, and prepare for ongoing responsibilities by developing business acumen, strategic planning capabilities, and a personal leadership style that will work with your diverse group of employees.

Compensation, Benefits and Other Rewards

3-6 weeks

Recognizing the importance of pay and benefits to employees, in the Compensation, Benefits and Other Rewards training course you will discover the connection between employee motivation and compensation. You will learn how to create a competitive, equitable pay structure that is linked to the other HR functions and influences employee behaviour in the desired direction. You will explore using a variety of monetary and non-monetary benefits to enhance your compensation system, and prepare to show employees how to use certain benefits and recognize the value they are receiving.

Recruitment and Selection

3-6 weeks

Finding and hiring the right person for any job requires cooperation between HR and department managers, creating up-to-do job descriptions, promoting the position in the right places, and using effective, compliant selection methods to ensure the person can do the work and will fit in with the people and environment. These days, branding your company as a great place to work and using various social media platforms can assist you in finding and attracting the best person for the job. Once the job offer is accepted, your ability to create a positive impression of the organization extends to the orientation period, where you onboard employees to your workplace culture, and ensure they are adequately trained for their duties and the environment.

Employee Relations and the Work Environment

2-4 Weeks

Successful conflict resolution training facilitates difficult conversations. With the skills and knowledge of conflict resolution, new supervisors are better able to positively engage with their teams and other coworkers whether the mandate is to deliver difficult news, to express constructive criticism or to answer negative comments. This course will help organizations improve psychological health and safety and create an overall positive work climate by reducing unnecessary stress in the workplace and increasing support for mental health. It will introduce labour legislations, which involves unions, with considerations for unionized and nonunionized organizations.  

Learning, Performance and Development

2-4 weeks

In the Learning, Performance and Development training course, you will train to build human capital in your organization and will assess current and future needs for talent. You will learn how to plan, execute, and evaluate training programs and take steps to ensure the training transfers to the workplace. As a way to increase motivation and satisfaction, you will assist employees with career planning and help them diagnose and plan their development experiences.  You will be able to create a valid, effective performance management system, by creating useful tools and approaches, and either using them yourself, or training others how to use them correctly, so useful feedback can be provided to employees.