Professional Development Program:

Gerontology Online Certificate Courses

The Aging Process

3-6 weeks

The Aging Process training module will explore the social, biological and psychological aspects of aging.  Social theories of aging will be explored. Students will explore the functional changes of aging, common illnesses related to aging, and the relationship between aging and quality of life. Diversity in aging will be explored from a cultural and religious perspective. Psycho-social issues facing aging population will be explored including:  relationships with children, sexuality and love, retirement. A brief orientation to death and dying is discussed.

Cognitive Issues in Aging

3-6 weeks

The Cognitive Issues in Aging training module will look at issue of mental health as it relates to the aging process.  Illnesses such as dementia, depression, and delirium will be explored in the context of causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention. Students will explore various cognitive assessment tools and supports available. Current issues related to mental health and aging will be discussed.

Ethical and Legal Aspects of Aging

2-4 weeks

The Ethical and Legal Aspects of Aging training module explores the issues of consent and capacity as they relate to aging.  Students will identify and discuss when capacity is assessed and how; issues of consent, including substitute decision makers. Advanced care planning is discussed.  The issue of MAID (medical assistance in dying) is explored and discussed. Elder abuse is explored in the context of signs & symptoms and how to report.

Health Promotion

2-4 weeks

The Health promotion training module explores how to engage people in adopting a healthy lifestyle during the aging process. Recreational activities and programs are explored as well as community resources available. This module also explores pain management and issues of sleep.  Aging and technology are also explored in this module.

Community Resources and Social Policy

2-4 week

The Community Resources and Social Policy training module explores community resources available for seniors. Social issues related to aging including housing, transportation, income will be explored. Long-term care and palliative care are explored in relation to funding and policy.