Professional Development Program:

Facilitation for Mediators

This program is designed to meet requirements for the designated mediator continuing education program. This course is equal to 16 hours – 32 points.

Entrance Requirement: Designated Mediator (Chartered or Qualified)

Facilitation skills are critical for the practice of mediation.  The course teaches you practical skills and techniques such as how to promote fairness, manage meetings with parties and plan sessions to achieve productive outcomes, and generate solutions.

Facilitation skills can be effective in achieving a settlement options during a mediation. However, dysfunctional behaviour, a lack of trust, poor communication, and an inability to address disagreement are common threats to a mediation session between parties. Facilitation skills are an essential tool that is required to mitigate negative behaviour that may hinder a mediation from being successful for all parties involved. The development of effective communication and leadership skills, self-awareness, and compassion are discussed in this course.

In this course, you will understand the role and purpose of facilitating and the qualities of effective facilitation. Further, you will learn to apply decision-making rules to reach agreement, successfully deal with impasse between parties, and to use tools to create positive interactions between parties.