Enrollment Agreement

Enrollment Agreement

Non-Vocational Enrollment Contract

Student Responsibilities
Regular logging into class and participation is required. Time must be effectively managed to meet training demands. Any challenges experienced must be shared with the instructor in a timely manner. For an online program, logging into the class is considered attending. All students must pay tuition fees in full as outlined. Students are responsible for the purchase of textbooks as indicated by the college.

School Refund Policy
You may cancel your registration at any time prior to the start of classes without any penalty. The $200 registration fee paid for certificate programs, or courses paid for as part of an alumni HOEP benefit, is non-refundable unless a notice of cancellation is sent to Kompass within 7 days of registration.

Cancellation once you start class: If you cancel at any time after beginning your class, you will be responsible for the tuition fees from the start of classes to the date of notice of cancellation.

Kompass Commitments

Kompass reserves the rights to cancel classes with 48 hours’ notice prior to the start of classes or within the first 7 days after the start date should enrollment become insufficient and all fees paid will then be refunded to the student.

Students will have access to their classes for 6 months after completing their course.

Kompass agrees to provide you with the necessary instruction, learning materials and curricula through the scheduled timeframe. This timeframe has been established as a reasonable amount of time for successful completion.

I agree to receive messages about Kompass. You may withdraw your consent to receive these messages at any time.

Enrollment Agreement

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