Professional Development Program:

Community Mental Health Online Certificate


**Register for spring or summer certificate and receive a $500 scholarship towards tuition!**

Entrance Requirements: Post-Secondary degree or diploma OR relevant experience

Each year a growing number of people are diagnosed with mental health issues in Canada and health care professionals, community support workers and law enforcement professionals will regularly encounter them through their line of work. Learning how to properly assess and work with those affected by mental health issues is key to creating a safe and successful community.

The Community Mental Health online training program is broken down into 5 modules, which explore today’s most common mental health conditions and issues.

Youth Addiction and Mental Health:

  • Recognizing signs of poor mental health in youth
  • Mental health first aid techniques
  • How adolescent mental health issues impact academics, violence, depression, family life, etc.

Mental Health, Culture & Modern Society:

  • Understanding the mental health stigma
  • How your own biases impact the way you relate to people suffering from mental illness
  • Mental health challenges of marginalized groups, such as Aboriginal communities (effects of current health care policy)

Concurrent, Personality & Impulse Control Disorders:

  • Understanding co-occuring addiction and mental health problems
  • Different types and classifications of personality and impulse control disorders
  • Latest research on how these disorders can be managed

Mood Disorders & Depression:

  • Understanding common mood disorders, and their connection to other psychological problems
  • Theories, latest research, and controversies around depression
  • Cognitive, social, and biological theories of treatment

Psychotic & Dissociative Disorders:

  • The current standard in diagnosing mental disorders
  • Mental health assessment tools
  • Understanding schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, amnesia, and more

In addition to learning the fundamentals of various mental illnesses, students walk away with a greater ability to recognize and examine biases toward mental illness. They also develop a better awareness of the resources available in their own communities.

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This certificate is delivered fully online so that you can complete assignments when it’s most convenient for you, all while receiving support from a dedicated instructor and interacting with classmates.

Who Should Take the Course?

The Community Mental Health certificate is designed to provide specialized training for those working in related fields such as healthcare, law enforcement, education and social services. Anyone that works with individuals with mental health or mood disorders will benefit from this training.

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If you do not meet our entrance requirements for this program you may be interested in the Community Services Worker online diploma program

Instructor Supported Format

This certificate program offers convenient online delivery to best accommodate busy schedules.

(Extended Course) – 3-6 Months
Instructor supported courses come with the support of a dedicated Instructor but do not follow a set class schedule. Students work at their own pace to complete the course within a three to six month time period. The Instructor has pre-recorded lectures that are available for students to review. The Instructor Supported option offers students continued support from a dedicated instructor with the flexibility to complete the certificate over a longer period of time. Students can enter into an Instructor Supported program usually on a weekly basis.