Professional Development Program:

Building Relationships and Rapport for Mediators

This program is designed to meet requirements for the designated mediator continuing education program. This course is equal to 16 hours – 32 points.

Entrance Requirement: Designated Mediator (Chartered or Qualified)

When two parties come together for mediation, it’s generally after a dispute, disagreement or dissatisfaction has damaged the relationship. In most cases, a level of distrust has already been established. Each of these factors can cause stress, anxiety, frustration – rarely are these ideal conditions in which to make thoughtful decisions that can lead to resolution.

As a Mediator, the ability to develop a professional relationship with clients and rapport, can make the ordinary mediator into the superhero of mediation. The mainstay of a Mediator is to be relational focused, to create a comfortable and safe environment, and to establish trust and rapport with clients. This will enhance the relationship between the Mediator and the party and serve as the foundation for mediation.

The nuts and bolts of mediation may consist of deception, accusations, misunderstandings, and emotionally intense moments; these are the seeds from which mediators must try to develop trusting relationships. The course will examine the formula for building lasting trust with clients; in spite of the presence of negative emotions. The essence of mediation is to create safe conversational spaces and help people identify and articulate their assumptions, expectations, and intentions and workable solutions.