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Web Site Design

Program Overview

Web Site Design Training Program in Ottawa

*Special Dual Design Diploma offer, scroll down the page to learn more* 

Where can your creativity take you?

Watch this video and learn more about the design programs offered at Herzing College and the career opportunities available in this field.

A web site designer works on the client-side and is involved with the graphical presentation (look-and-feel) of the web site. Web developers are able to program or maintain a web site’s database. Rather, the web site designer is mostly involved in the visual presentation of a site using multimedia tools.  The designer is in charge of graphical layout, animation and the interactivity of a website.

The Web Site Design program  provides an integrated approach to web site design by providing instruction in client-side web site design techniques and web site management procedures through converging theoretical concepts and practical applications. Courses that develop this integrated approach to client-side Web site development include the study of the Internet and e-business concepts; Hypertext Markup Languages (HTML 5) and a scripting language such as JavaScript; Web graphic packages such as Photoshop® and Dreamweaver®.

Program length: 10 months (20 hours/week, M-F) includes 6 weeks of internship

Click to download program brochure

Click to download program brochure


Dual Design Diploma Offer

At Herzing Ottawa we understand that many of our design program graduates may work interchangeably between Computer Graphic Design and Web Site Design. We are committed to excellence in education and the continued success of our graduates. In an effort to equip our design graduates with the skills needed to succeed in their industry, we would like to extend a special offer to students starting our Computer Graphic Design or Web Site Design programs in 2018.

Students that successfully complete the Computer Graphic Design or Web Site Design diploma program, are eligible to take the additional design based diploma program at no charge! By transferring applicable credits earned in your initial design diploma you will be able to earn an additional design diploma in four additional months (10 weeks in class plus  an additional 6 week internship).

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