Web Development

Web Development Training in Ottawa

A Web Developer is responsible for building and maintaining websites. Individuals in this role will have the skills required to build a website in entirety, including site layout and function. They make sure all forms are functioning properly and that the website is optimized for search engine optimization.

This program prepares students with an integrated approach to web site design. Instruction is provided in client-side web site design techniques and management procedures through converging theoretical concepts and practical applications. Areas of study include internet and e-business concepts, hypertext markup languages (HTML 5), a scripting language such as JavaScript™, and web graphic software such as Photoshop® and Dreamweaver®.

Program length: 9 months, 4 week internship

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Careers in Web Development

The Web Development program prepares graduates to find contract work in various sectors of the industry such as public and private organizations, small and medium sized companies, government, advertising agencies, multinationals and manufacturing and service and distribution companies.

Examples of job titles include: Web Development, Webmaster, Intranet Site Designer, Internet Site Developer

Examples of employers for these positions include: Evolving Pixels, K6 Media Group, Environment Canada, Nortak Technologies, Creative Unity Inc.

Sample average salary: $45,000

*Statistics based on most recent available.

Web Development Courses in Ottawa


• System and HTML Fundamentals
• Small Business Management
• Database Management and Design
• Database Applications
• Web Design Fundamentals
• Internet and Markup Language Scripting
• Web Animation
• Client-Side Web Site Development
• Server-Side Scripting
• Web Scripting
• Web Graphics
• Internship


• Minimum of a Canadian high school grade 12 or equivalent, or a mature student
• Pass an entrance test administrated by Herzing College
• Be interviewed in detail regarding interest in the field
• Must be computer literate with strong keyboarding skills

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