Physiotherapist / Rehabilitation Assistant

Physiotherapist/Rehabilitation Assistant Training in Ottawa

Physiotherapist/Rehabilitation Assistants work under the direction of and as assistants to rehabilitation professionals. They carry out treatment programs such as thermotherapy, traction, hydrotherapy and electrotherapeutic techniques for patients with various injuries or disabilities to maximize their ability to independently manage daily activities.

This program introduces students to the field of rehabilitation and teaches students to instruct, motivate and assist patients to learn and improve functional activities. Areas of study include;
Introduction to Rehabilitation, the Health Care System and Ethics, Interpersonal Skills, Communication and Problem Solving, Medical Terminology, Body Systems and Disease, PTA Administration and Program Support, and more.

Certifications included in this program: Emergency First Aid, Basic Rescuer (level C) CPR.

Program length: 50 weeks (includes 6 week internship)

Careers in Physiotherapist / Rehabilitation Assistant

The Physiotherapist/Rehabilitation Assistantprogram provides students with the necessary skills, and academic knowledge for entry-level positions in sports medicine clinics, community health care agencies and other medical settings.

Examples of possible job titles include: Rehabilitation Assistant, Physiotherapist Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant, Rehabilitation Worker

Sample average salary ( $39,305 - $43,000

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