Paralegal Training in Ottawa

Paralegals are non-lawyers providing legal services in specified areas of practice to the public for a fee. The type of work that a licensed paralegal can perform is limited by the Law Society and this program is restricted to those areas of law.

This program, accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada, prepares graduates to apply to the Law Society of Upper Canada to become licensed paralegals. Areas of study include Understanding Statutes and By-Laws, Torts and Contracts, Evidence and the Litigation Process, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Small Claims Court, Tribunal Practice, Provincial Offences/Motor Vehicle Offences, Criminal Summary Conviction Procedures and Ethics.

Program length: 12 months, includes 4 week internship

Paralegal Careers

The Paralegal program prepares graduates to work within law firms, government offices, legal department in any company or as independent Paralegals.

Examples of  job titles: Paralegal, Corporate Paralegal, Family Law Paralegal, Independent Paralegal

Examples of  employers: Langevin Morris Smith LLP, Ontario Court of Justice, Castle-Trudel Criminal Law, The Law Office of Melynda Layton

Sample average salary: $47,000

*Statistics based on most recent available.

Paralegal Courses in Ottawa


• System and Computer Fundamentals
• Legal System
• Legal Research/Writing
• Legal Computer Applications
• Legal Accounting
• Small Claims Court
• ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution
• Advocacy
• Consumer Protection Law/Sales of Goods
• Evidence and the Litigation Process
• Torts and Contracts
• Residential Landlord and Tenant Law
• Understanding Statutes and By-Laws
• Criminal / Summary Conviction Procedure
• Provincial Offences/Motor Vehicle Offences
• Ethics and Professional Responsibility
• Employment Law
• Practice Management/Operating a Small Business
• Tribunal Practice and Procedure
• Communication/Writing
• Administrative Law
• Career Development & Client Services
• Internship


• Minimum of a Canadian high school grade 12 or equivalent, or a mature student
• Pass an entrance test administrated by Herzing College
• Be interviewed in detail regarding interest in the field
• Meet any additional program specific entrance requirements

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