Accounting and Payroll Administration

Start Your Accounting & Payroll Administration Career!

Are you an organized team player who's good with numbers? Herzing Ottawa’s Accounting and Payroll Administration diploma could help you turn your natural talents into a rewarding career - in only 10 months!

What Exactly do Accounting & Payroll Administrators Do?

Working in an accounting and payroll department puts you in one of the most valued positions within any organization. Accounting and payroll professionals help to prepare and process bills, invoices, budgets and other important financial records. Their grasp of technology and data management contribute directly to the success of any business, government department, or non-profit organization.

How Does Herzing Prepare Accounting & Payroll Admin Students for Success?

Herzing Ottawa's Accounting and Payroll Administration program is designed to give students in-depth training on the software and accounting practices considered most valuable by Canadian employers.

Experienced, friendly instructors work with students in small classes and one-on-one to ensure key concepts are understood, and that students develop the job-ready skills they need to land their first job after graduation.

Most importantly, Herzing Accounting and Payroll Administration students participate in a 4-week internship placement where they will apply their new knowledge, build confidence, and make connections with local employers.


Is there Demand for Accounting & Payroll Admins in Ontario?

The Accounting and Payroll Administration program prepares graduates for a career in bookkeeping and accounting, including maintaining a full set of books, cash flow, budgeting, and implementing the most efficient accounting solutions for your employer or your own business. 

Where do Herzing Accounting & Payroll Administration Grads get Hired?

Many grads from Herzing's Accounting and Payroll Administration program in Ottawa found employment in a related field following graduation.They found positions with a wide range of local employers, including:

  • SPI Consulting
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Ottawa Chamber of Commerce
  • Parliament of Canada
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

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*Statistics based on most recent available. 

Sign up for Accounting & Payroll Administration Courses in Ottawa!

Herzing's Accounting and Payroll Administration program in Ottawa is designed around what employers look for most in job applicants.Courses are developed around current industry trends so that students learn the latest best practices and technology skills, ensuring they’re ready to hit the ground running at their first professional position.

Course topics include:

  • System and Computer Fundamentals
  • Word Processing Software
  • Scheduling Software
  • Spreadsheets Software
  • English and Communication Skills
  • Presentation Skills & Software
  • Database Software
  • Business Mathematics
  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Computerized Accounting
  • Accounting I
  • Accounting II
  • Introduction to Payroll & Payroll Software
  • Accpac Software
  • Payroll Level I
  • Payroll Level II
  • Business Law and Ethics
  • Career Development and Client Services


Want to Apply to Herzing's Accounting & Payroll Administration Program?

Herzing Ottawa's helpful admissions staff welcomes any questions you may have about our programs or the admissions process. We walk each applicant through every stage of application to ensure our program is the best fit for your career goals.

The admission requirements for the Accounting and Payroll Administration program are:

  • Minimum of a Canadian high school grade 12 or equivalent, or mature student status
  • Pass an entrance test administrated by Herzing College
  • Be interviewed in detail regarding interest in the field

Ready to take your first step toward a successful career in payroll and accounting? Fill out the form and Herzing will send you information about how to get started!

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