HCTC, which is wholly owned by Herzing Institutes of Canada, Ltd. (HIC), began as a computer training school in 1965 and was acquired by what is now Herzing University (an institution of higher education in the United States) in 1968. It has operated continuously since then under the management and educational culture established by Henry Herzing. It was part of the Herzing University entity until 2014 when a Higher Learning Commission (HLC) accreditation rule necessitated the separation from the colleges operating in Canada. At this time there is no relationship between the Herzing College System in Canada, of which HCTC is part, and Herzing University other than: 1) a licence to use the University’s course materials from its cybersecurity bachelor’s degree program and its business degree program and 2) an articulation agreement that allows for the transfer of some Herzing College courses to bachelor’s degree programs at Herzing University.



Herzing Institutes of Canada, Ltd. (HIC) established an independent Board of Governors (governing body) to oversee the operation of HCTC; roles and responsibilities are clearly detailed in its bylaws.

The Campus President reports directly to HCTC Board of Governors and is responsible for the day-to-day management of HCTC.

The Canadian Corporate Office provides support to HCTC; however, this is a cross-campus service and does not align with any reporting structure at HCTC.

The authority, duties, and responsibilities of the Board of Governors are set forth in its Board of Governors bylaws. The bylaws detail its role in regard to the oversight of curriculum development, including approval of new programs, cessation of programs, and major modifications to existing programs. The Board ensures that quality assurance processes exist and are followed by academic staff, and that programs meet any accreditation standards that exist in both non-degree and degree programs. Vice President of Academics and/or the National Director of Academics will provide an annual report to the Board summarizing major changes made to the programs during the past year and programs that are up for renewal in the next year.

The Board also approves a number of policies and procedures that impact the academic area including student, staff, and organizational policies. Board members contribute to policy development through Board sub-committees. The Board also reviews the Academic Plan to ensure it meets the strategic goals of HCTC.



HCTC has a clear reporting structure that is in line with Ontario post-secondary institutions supporting academic deliverables.

The Campus President has responsibility for the operation of HCTC with support from the Canadian Corporate Office. The Vice President of Academics is a direct report to the Campus President. Programs and faculty are assigned to Deans and Associate Deans who in turn report to the Vice President of Academics.


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