Sustainable Architecture

Sustainable Architecture Training Program in Montreal

Sustainable Architecture is a new approach to architectural design and construction that focuses on green con-struction technologies, renewable energy, and improving the energy performance of buildings. Most governments are now concerned about issues of sustainable development and environmental awareness of individuals.

The Sustainable Architecture program prepares students to meet the requirements of the construction industry in general and to meet the growing need to adopt and develop strategies for development and design that are sus-tainable. Areas of study include applied mathematics for architecture, technical architecture and drawings, design, construction and environmental sustainability, services of green buildings and energy management, analysis and design statements of green buildings and regulation of construction and building codes.

Program length: 24 months (25 hours/week) includes 13 week internship

Careers in Sustainable Architecture

The Sustainable Architecture program prepares graduates for employment opportunities in architecture, engineering, property development, construction and more.

Examples of  job titles: Architectural Technologist, Drafting Technician, Appraiser, Assessor

Sample average salary range: $32,240 - $36,400

*Statistics based on most recent available.



Sustainable Architecture Courses in Montreal


• Applied Mathematics for Architecture
• Technical Architecture and Architectural Drawing
• Design and Construction and Environmental Sustainability
• History of Architecture and Sustainable Architecture
• Analysis and Design Statements of Green Buildings
• Architectural Drawing I
• Ecological Wood Construction – Residential Building
• Regulation of Construction and Building Codes
• Green Building Steel, Masonry and Concrete
• Architectural Drawing II
• Project Development and Environmental Study Feasibility
• Green Construction – Institutional Buildings
• Services of Green Building and Energy Management
• Analysis of Site Layout and Landscape Project
• Green Building Cultural
• Specification, Estimation and Materials
• Portfolio, Job Search and Interview Techniques
• Project Management and Safety on Site
• Sustainable Industrial and Commercial Building
• Green Building Interiors
• Built and Ecological Renovation
• Stage: Professional Practice and Integration


• Quebec issued high school diploma or equivalent
• Minimum of two consecutive terms
  One school year interruption from full-time studies
• Minimum of one year post-secondary education
• Pass a general admissions entrance test
• Meet any additional program specific entrance requirements

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