Network Administration

Network Administration Certification Training in Montreal

The ever-increasing changes in the computer industry have created a demand for people who have the knowledge and skills to install, configure and troubleshoot microcomputers and networking systems. These people must also be able to readily adapt to the changing networking and operating systems environment.

This program prepares students with the knowledge and skills to install, configure and troubleshoot microcomputers and networking systems and write their certification exams to be a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) and Certified Cisco Network Associates (CCNA). Areas of study include Network Administration, communication protocols, Internet technologies and electronic mail services.

Program length: 8 months (12 hours/week)

Careers in Network Administration

The Network Administration program prepares graduates to work for any organization that currently has installed or is planning to install a computer network, and computer support organizations that consult with clients on the installation and maintenance of computer networks.

Examples of  employers: IBM, CGI, Air Canada, EMSB

Examples of  job titles: Network Administrator, LAN (local area network) Technician, Web Technician, Computer Network Technician, Systems Administrator

Sample starting salary range: $37,440 - $41,600

*Statistics based on most recent available.



Network Administration Courses in Montreal


• Network Administration I
• Network Administration II
• Communication Protocols
• Electronic Mail Services
• Internet Technologies I
• Internet Technologies II


• Quebec issued high school diploma or equivalent
• Minimum of two consecutive terms
  One school year interruption from full-time studies
• Minimum of one year post-secondary education
• Pass a general admissions entrance test
• Meet any additional program specific entrance requirements

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