Industrial Drafting

Industrial Drafting Training Program in Montreal

Skilled drafters interpret the ideas of engineers and present them in the language of manufacturing and construction. In the past, drafters primarily produced working and schematic drawings using a variety of drafting machines, rules, T-squares, curves, triangles, and other drawing tools. Today, individuals in this role produce these drawings using a computer-assisted drawing system known as CAD.

This program develops the skills necessary to determine the information to include on drawings. Areas of study include taking and interpreting measurements, manufacturing, interpreting technical information related to materials and the manufacturing process, illustrating the arrangement of components and power train systems, interpreting and creating drawings and sketches, specialized functions of a computer-aided drafting program.

Program length: 14 months (35 hours/week) includes 3 week internship

Careers in Industrial Drafting

This program prepares students to work as drafting technologists and technicians in support of engineers, architects or industrial designers. Employment opportunities are available with consulting and construction companies, utility, resource and manufacturing companies, and all levels of government.

Examples of possible job titles include: Drafting Technologist, Draftsperson, Computer-Assisted Drafting (CAD) Technician,

Sample starting salary range: $27,040- $31,200

*Statistics based on most recent available.


Industrial Drafting Courses in Montreal


• The Trade and the Training Process
• Solving Problems Related to Industrial Drafting
• Interpreting Technical Drawings
• Producing Sketches
• Working at a Computerized Workstation
• Detail Drawing of Mechanical Components
• Illustrating Fasteners
• Illustrating the Arrange of Components
• Materials and Manufacturing Processes
• Assembly Drawings
• Specialized Functions of a Computer-Aided Drafting Program
• Talking and Interpreting Measurements
• Entering the Work Force
• Dimensional Tolerances
• Correcting a Drawing
• Illustrating Power Train Systems
• Development Drawings
• Three-Dimensional Drawings of an Object
• Detail Drawings of a Mechanism
• Piping and Circuit Diagrams
• Job Search and Entrepreneurial Techniques
• Producing Drawings for a Mechanical System
• Drawing the Housing of a Machine
• Adapting to the New Types of Work Organization
• Designing a Simple Technical Object


• Quebec issued high school diploma or equivalent
• Minimum of two consecutive terms   
One school year interruption from full-time studies   
• Minimum of one year post-secondary education
• Pass a general admissions entrance test
• Meet any additional program specific entrance requirements

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