Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education Training in Montreal

Early childhood education is a fulfilling career choice, helping to provide a foundation of support to encourage children to grow into their full potentials. Those who are interested in pursuing this career should enjoy planning and organizing recreational activities for young children, enabling them to integrate into groups and greater society. Empathetic communication is necessary to establish relationships built on trust and to develop their capacities for creativity.

This program provides training for the care and guidance of preschool children under the supervision of early childhood educators, stimulating and developing their intellectual, physical and emotional growth. Areas of study include the fundamentals of early childhood psychology, child safety and risk management, behavioral intervention, strategies, social-emotional development, and educational activities.

Program length: 14 months (20 hours/week) includes 8 week internship

Careers in Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education program prepares graduates for a career in early childhood care, including daycare centres, kindergartens, nursery schools and special education organizations.

Examples of  job titles: Early Childhood Educator, Early Childhood Assistant, Child-Care Worker, Day-Care Helper, Preschool Helper, Preschool Supervisor.

Sample starting salary range: $27,040 - $31,200

*Statistics based on most recent available.


Early Childhood Education Courses in Montreal


• Observing Children
• Child Development 1 (0-3 years)
• Safety in Child Care
• Introduction to the Early Childhood Profession
• Child Health in Child Care
• Communication Skills for Educators
• The Development of Autonomy in Young Children
• Child Development (3-12 years)
• The Development of Meaningful Relationships with Children
• Fieldwork 1 – Initiation
• Creativity in the Workplace
• Educational Activities for Infants and Toddlers (0-2 years)
• Guidance Interventions
• Document Design and Production in the Early Childhood Field
• Educational Activities for Young Children (3-5 years)
• Educational Activities for School-Age Children (6-12 years)
• Fieldwork 2 – Integration


• Quebec issued high school diploma or equivalent
• Minimum of two consecutive terms
  One school year interruption from full-time studies
• Minimum of one year post-secondary education
• Pass a general admissions entrance test
• Meet any additional program specific entrance requirements

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