3D Animation

3D Animation Training and Courses in Montreal

3D Animation is an exciting new trend in the entertainment industry. 3D Animation uses computer generated graphics to create animated scenes that look sophisticated and realistic. Examples of 3D Animation can be found in popular movies such as Frozen, Ice Age, How to Train your Dragon and Sin City.

This program provides a well-rounded curriculum and prepares students with the skills and competencies needed in pursuing a career in TV, movie production, video game animation and other industries requiring 3D animation. Areas of study include storyboarding, character animation, modeling characters and scenes, texturing, special effects, lighting, and computer applications such as Autodesk 3D Studio Max or Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Zbrush and C4.

Program length: 18 months (25 hours/week) includes 8 week internship

Careers in 3D Animation

The 3D Animation program prepares graduates to work in film, television, advertising, website design or the game production industry.

Examples of job titles: 3D Animator, Animator, Cybergraphic Designer, Interactive Illustrator, Multimedia Illustrator

Sample average salary (payscale.com): $29,120 - $33,280

*Statistics based on most recent available.

3D Animation Courses in Montreal


  • Sculpture for Animation
  • Advanced Character Animation
  • Traditional Drawing
  • Architectural and Environmental Modeling
  • Character Design and Storyboarding
  • Character Skinning, Textures and Materials Mapping
  • Low Polygon Modeling and Animation
  • Lighting, Special Effects and Real Time Rendering
  • Game Culture and Industries
  • Game Level Design
  • Introduction to 3D Animation
  • Demo Reel I
  • 3D Character Modeling
  • Demo Reel II
  • Imagine Manipulation with Photoshop
  • Internship
  • Character Animation
  • Modeling: Character Rigging


• Quebec issued high school diploma or equivalent
• Minimum of two consecutive terms
  One school year interruption from full-time studies
• Minimum of one year post-secondary education
• Pass a general admissions entrance test
• Meet any additional program specific entrance requirements

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