Professional Development Program:

Mediation in Practice

Mediation in Practice

Entrance Requirements: Post-Secondary degree or diploma OR relevant experience

Mediation is a business and as such, it takes planning and consideration to actually start the practice of mediation. Why? Because Mediators, depending on their background, may not have experience starting and running a practice. Mediation is a wonderful profession and being able to create a sustainable business model is very important for the viability of the mediator and the practice of ADR in your community.  If you wish to turn the practice of mediation into one where you are aware of how to attract paid clients, this course is for you. 

The Mediation in Practice online course prepares students to move into the field with confidence, to find and secure cases, engage and build relationships with experts in relevant fields and to distinguish yourself from mediator competition while you continue to grow your business.

This course aims for participants to acquire the competencies required to successfully integrate into the business world, to prepare a business plan outline, to understand the need for marketing and sales strategies and to determine the resources needed to start and run a mediation business (ex. experts, business funding).

Who Should Take the Course?

The Mediation in Practice online course is designed for those who want to learn how to put their mediation experience into practice. Specifically, for those who want to plan their mediation business development. Mediation is a challenging and rewarding career. This course teaches additional skills to help market yourself


  • The Practice of Mediation (1 week)
  • Marketing & Your Profile (1 week)


The chart below outlines the cost of the classes if you choose to take them individually.

Courses Individual Cost
The Practice of Mediation (1 Week) $299.50
Mediation Business Plan and Sales (1 Week) $299.50

Total Cost

$599 CAD

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