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Frequently Asked Questions of International Students

Herzing International Students

Is Herzing College the right college for me?

We are now accepting International Student Registrations for the fall and summer 2020 sessions. Follow the Admissions Process outlined below to register upcoming sessions.

You can register by downloading and completing the International Student Registration form Click to Download ISR Form

You can also make the payment by downloading and completing the Credit Card Payment form Click to Download the Credit Card Payment Form

Once you complete the form you can send your registration request to

Please be advised that seats are limited and as a reminder, entrance to the program is on a first come first serve basis. During high volume periods you may expect a 10 to 15 working day delay to receive the Letter of Acceptance. The process starts after the registration fee is paid and proper documents are submitted.

Herzing College will only accept those applications having an IELTS overall score of 6.5, with no band less than 6.0. 

At Herzing College we know that finding a school that’s a good fit is very important to you. Some of the benefits of attending Herzing College include;

  • Programmatic accreditation in various programs
  • High-quality programs that provide knowledge and skills that employers want
  • Simple, facilitated admissions process
  • Step-by-step assistance with the Canadian education visa application process and requirements
  • Personalized attention and individualized support from Herzing College leadership, faculty, and staff
  • Practical, hands-on learning
  • Campus locations in 3 provinces. Affiliations with language schools in each of our campus locations

Is it expensive to attend Herzing College?

Herzing College’s tuition is very competitive and compares favorably to other Canadian tuition rates. In addition, the use of all text books is included in our tuition.

Besides tuition, what other costs must I consider?

You’ll need to consider housing costs and personal expenses such as health insurance, food, clothing, travel and transportation, mobile phone, entertainment, etc. These costs will vary by individual.

What is the annual cost to live in Canada?

Herzing College estimates that the annual cost is:

Housing $3,600 – $ 6,200
Food $3,600 – $ 4,800
Transportation $ 600 – $ 1,200
Health Insurance $ 500 – $ 1,000
Other Expenses $2,400 – $ 3,000
Estimated Annual Total $10,700 – $16,200

Is a Canadian visa difficult to obtain?

If you follow the established process, obtaining a student visa is not as difficult as you might think. And at Herzing College, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. The vast majority of our qualified international students receive a student visa.

Do you have dormitories?

No. We have considered it, but our students overwhelmingly prefer apartments (flats). Apartments are nicer, larger, less expensive, and allow students to cook their own food. Apartments also provide a more authentic Canadian living experience than dormitories do.

What kind of support system is available to me as a student?

Herzing College offers broad support in a wide variety of areas. Once international students are accepted for enrollment—even prior to arrival in Canada—they are connected with a knowledgeable, accessible Herzing College staff member who will provide assistance with any questions, concerns, or needs you might have. We are just a call or email away, from the time you are accepted at Herzing College to the moment you graduate. So you’ll have peace of mind, and so will your family back home.

How do I decide which Herzing College campus is right for me?

All Herzing College campuses have the same credentials for academic excellence, so you should choose a campus that offers the program you want to study and fits your preferences for lifestyle and geographic location.

Is Herzing College’s smaller campus size right for me?

Yes, if you are looking for a more personal educational experience. Herzing College’s supportive, personalized approach to education ensures that all Herzing College students have access to the tools and assistance they need to maximize their educational and career success. We pride ourselves on this approach.

Herzing College’s leadership, faculty, and staff will get to know you as an individual. This is very different from the experience at a large public college where you may feel like you are just a number. At Herzing College, you will feel like a valued member of our learning community; many students say they feel like they are part of a family at Herzing.

How do I get health insurance in Canada?

Herzing College coordinates with leading Canadian health insurance providers. A variety of plans are available for students to purchase, and the plans cover most major medical expenses after any deductible or co-payment requirements have been met. We recommend that you review the available plans in detail to ensure that you select the best plan for your individual health situation.