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Welcome to Canada: An International Education Country

Application for January and February 2019 will be closed as of Friday, September 28, 2018. Applications for March 2019 and beyond will be accepted starting October 29th, 2018. Thank you for your understanding.

Welcome to Canada!

Canada is the second largest country in the world and our over 36 million residents have their fair share of beautiful landscapes to choose from. From mountains, oceans, prairies and forests to prairies and lakes, our landscapes are as diverse as our people.Welcome to Canada

Multiculturalism is an official policy, and we welcome citizens of all languages, cultures, religions and ethnicity. Today, approximately 20 percent of Canadians were born outside Canada. In Toronto, Canada’s largest city, this number is over 45 percent. Immigrants are a valued part of Canada’s multicultural society.

English and French are the two official languages of Canada. Today, there are approximately 18 million Anglophones – people who speak English as a first language – and 7 million Francophones – people who speak French as a first language. Most Francophones live in Quebec. However, one million Francophones live in Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba, with a smaller presence in other provinces.

There are many reasons to attend school and live and work in Canada. Canada has a strong economy and a need for skilled workers. We invest in education and are ranked by Bloomberg as the second best place in the world for doing Business. There’s lots of room to grow with the low cost of living and high qualify of life.

Canada Map


The ministries or departments of education in the province or territory where you live are your main sources of government information on all matters related to education.


Éducation, Loisir et Sport Québec
Telephone: 418-643-7095


Elementary and Secondary Education (schools)
Ministry of Education
Telephone: 416-325-2929

Post-Secondary Education (universities, colleges, etc.)
Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Telephone: 416-326-1600