Find out if you qualify for an Ontario Government Grant!

Making the decision to attend college is an important one and we know that there are many things to consider; such as the financial investment. The Ontario government has revamped their student aid program to make education more affordable to qualified Ontario residents.

Student aid  provides funds for tuition and living expenses while you are in school. A large portion of that aid is available as a grant for those who qualify. In many cases the grant can cover a significant portion of your tuition or even the entire amount.

The new student funding program comes into effect August 1 2017, so now is a great time to consider returning to school.

Wondering whether you would qualify for a grant? There’s only one way to find out. Take a few minutes to complete the student funding assessment questionnaire. The questionnaire will provide our Educational Funding Specialist with the preliminary information needed to estimate your grant amount. After we have received your questionnaire an Educational Funding Specialist will be in touch with you to ask you a few additional questions and provide you with your grant estimate.