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Careers: Sustainable Architectural Engineer


Sustainable architecture is a relatively new profession which adapt the principles of building design used in the construction industry, to the growing need for environmentally sustainable buildings. Professionals pursuing careers in sustainable architecture are aware of and constantly considering the environmental impact of their projects, primarily with regard to energy consumption both during and after construction. Positions in sustainable architecture can be found at construction and design firms, government agencies and large corporations.

Sustainable Architectural Engineer Job Description

Architects focused on sustainable and eco-friendly design need a comprehensive understanding of both standard architectural principles and best environmental practises. Their work demands the skilled combination of both approaches. Professional training courses prepare graduates by supporting their development of a diverse skillset that is applicable to various occupational environments.

The responsibilities of sustainable architecture professionals include:

• Improving the energy performance of buildings they design
• Preparation of construction specifications and technical drawings in accordance with the requirements of construction and best environmental practises
• Applying green technology and renewable energy approaches to building design
• Utilizing appropriate software programs to develop environmentally friendly designs
• Remaining up-to-date on innovations in eco-design

Sustainable Architecture Projected Demand

Due to an overall increase in construction in Canada, demand for new architects is expected to rise over the next few years. As more people, companies and governments seek out eco-friendly sustainable solutions across all operations, the sustainable niche in the architecture field is expected to enjoy significant expansion. Entry-level architects earn on average $49,092 a year in Canada, while candidates with project management skills generally earn more.