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Careers: Healthcare Aide


Healthcare aides assist doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff by attending to the basic needs and wellbeing of patients. On the front lines of patient care, these professionals provide comfort and support to individuals who are facing significant health challenges. Healthcare aide training equips graduates with a specific set of skills that are applicable to various work environments including hospitals, assisted care facilities, nursing homes, private residences and other health establishments. Possible job titles in this field include: orderly, nurse’s aide, patient care aide, hospital attendant, psychiatric aide, and personal care attendant.

Healthcare Aide Job Description

Healthcare aide professionals possess a strong work ethic and excellent interpersonal skills. They are caring and patient, and genuinely motivated to help increase quality of life for patients in need. Healthcare aides work well individually and as part of a team. Their responsibilities may include:

• Upkeep of patients’ rooms including emptying of bedpans and making beds
• Attending to the hygienic needs of the patient
• Wheelchair and stretcher transport of patients awaiting surgery
• Transport of patients between healthcare facilities
• Interdepartmental communication including transport of messages and delivery of samples
• Setup, maintenance and sterilization of equipment
• Observation of patients and recording of their status including taking blood pressure and fluid samples
• Administering First Aid

Healthcare Aide Projected Demand

There has been a steady increase in demand for trained healthcare workers in Canada over the past 15 years, and that trend is projected to continue as our population ages. As baby-boomers reach retirement age, industry experts forecast an increased emphasis on, and need for, personalized patient care. Healthcare aides in Canada earn on average $16.93 an hour with greater salary going to workers with experience in long term care.