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Careers: Computer Aided Designer and Drafter


Drafting technologists present engineering ideas in a format understood in the manufacturing and construction industry. Computer-aided designers and drafters prepare their designs using a computer system called CAD, which is now the generally accepted language of the industry. Careers in computer-aided design and drafting lead to work in construction firms, consulting companies, resource and manufacturing companies, utilities and various municipal, provincial and federal government departments. There are also strong prospects for those choosing to work independently on a freelance basis.

Computer-Aided Designer and Drafter Job Description

Computer-aided designers and drafters are expected to be detail-oriented, technically-minded and well-informed of the latest technological innovations in their industry. Professional training courses equip graduates with an appropriate set of core skills that are applicable to various work environments. Some of the responsibilities of a computer-aided design and drafting technologist include:

• Preparation and development of engineering designs
• Reading and understanding sketches, preliminary concepts and specification sheets
• Completion of drawing sets and documentation packages
• Use of CAD and drafting work stations
• Contract and tender document preparation
• Verification of drawings’ conformity with specifications and design data
• Technical report writing
• Supervision and training of other drafters, technologists and technicians

Computer-Aided Designer and Drafter Projected Demand

The overall design and drafting field is expected to experience an increase in employee demand over the next few years due to current workers retiring. Due to shifting norms within the broader field, new jobs are expected to be limited almost exclusively to computer-aided design and drafting. CAD technicians earn on average $20.21 an hour in Canada.