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Careers: Community Services Worker


Community service workers are an essential part of our communities, fostering well-being and optimal health through the attentive care they provide to people in need. Community service workers assist individuals dealing with personal and social challenges by implementing a variety of social service and community assistance programs. Community service worker schools help prepare graduates for a wide range of occupational environments: substance abuse centres, group homes, crisis intervention centres, shelters, school boards, counselling agencies, and more. These organizations are run by various levels of government or through private funding initiatives.

Community Services Worker Job Description

Caring, empathetic, well-organized and responsible, community services workers operate in a variety of diverse environments, each with their own unique demands and challenges. There are, however, some general responsibilities applicable to the field as a whole. These typically include:

• Establishing a case history by reviewing a recipient’s background information
• Assessing the needs and relevant skills of the recipient
• Developing a plan of action to best assist the recipient
• If necessary, assisting recipients obtain other forms of aid: legal, medical, financial and more
• Helping recipients gain access to other community services workers operating in different fields or locations, if necessary

Community Services Worker Projected Demand

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the demand for well-trained community services workers in Canada. This is due to the increase in need for social services and the strengthening of the network of community service organizations. This trend is expected to continue and government funding of community organizations is expected to increase, opening new job opportunities for entry-level applicants. The average pay for community services workers in Canada is $49,000 per year.