Meet our Student Services Advisor

Fred Standil
Student Services Advisor
(204) 775-8175

Fred is available to students Monday through Thursday mornings. Students can contact Fred directly at fstandil@wpg.herzing.ca to learn more or book an appointment.

Fred Standil taught the Community Support Worker Program at Herzing Winnipeg from 2009 until January 2020. With a background in communications, social services, and teaching, he brings a broad range of knowledge.

He is a graduate of the Creative Communications Program at Red River College and holds a Bachelor of Education (History/English) from the University of Manitoba. As well, he has a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Counselling and Resource, also from the U of M.

During his time at Herzing, he has had occasion to act as an advocate and provide direction not only to his own students, but to the general population of Herzing students as issues arose. This has involved working to manage both personal issues and academic challenges.

Away from the college, he holds a keen interest in current events, media, sports, and keeping updated with the latest trends in education and the helping field.


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Role of the Student Services Advisor

The Student Services Advisor serves as an advocate for student success throughout the academic lifecycle. The Student Services Advisor acts as a student liaison and collaborates with all departments to promote a positive, student-centered experience. The primary focus is to address both academic and non-academic issues.

Student Support Services

Student Academic Issues

The Student Services Advisor assists students who are:

  • Struggling to function
  • Returning to school after a long absence
  • Dealing with learning issues such as dyslexia

The advisor can direct students who require additional support in the following areas to the appropriate people.

  • Financial questions/problems
  • Admissions and enrolment issues
  • Time or resource management
  • Parking
  • Bus tickets
  • Academic questions or issues relating to grades, attendance, re-entry/re-enrolment, or study and learning techniques

Student Personal Issues

In addition, the Student Services Advisor is available to counsel students on personal issues and provide appropriate resources and referrals. They can:

  • Provide support for students facing domestic issues or challenges
  • Provide support on emotional or mental health issues such as anxiety and depression
  • Work with students to develop interpersonal skills to interact effectively with others
  • Provide fundamental counselling with the goal of stabilization and referral
  • Direct students to in-depth counselling and support services that address their specific needs
  • Ensure that students in crisis are supported and provided with access to emergency services

The advisor will be available at to resolve any conflicts as they arise and assist with mediating the situation when necessary.

Staff Support

The advisor can also advise, direct, and train staff in dealing with students in crisis and emergency situations. They can provide staff training in areas such as mental health and learning disabilities.

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